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Shigeru Miyamoto attended the Tokyo International Film Festival this past weekend to debut his new Pikmin shorts. At the event, Reuters caught up with Miyamoto to discuss a number of topics.

Here’s a quick overview as to what was shared:

– Miyamoto had balked for years at requests to make films with Nintendo characters
– He warmed to the possibilities of filmmaking given technological advances

Miyamoto noting that he has no plans to shift from games to the movie business….

“I haven’t moved over. But as computer graphics have gotten better, I started to feel that it’s something that I could get involved with. Making films in the past was something that was made with a completely different skill set but now I feel that it’s rather similar.”

Earlier today, the animated Pikmin shorts were finally shown at the International Tokyo Film Festival. While they haven’t been made available for everyone else to see just yet, we do have a trailer – that can be found below.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Dwango chairman Nobuo Kawakami also held a press conference of sorts later on. Plenty of information was revealed – the shorts will be coming to 3DS, a Pikmin 3 demo is in the works, and lots more. Head past the break for all of the juicy details!

The Shigeru Miyamoto-produced “Pikmin Short Movies” will finally debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival next month, Variety reports.

A total of three shorts will be shown:

“The Night Juicer”: Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice
“Treasures in a Bottle”: Pikmin meet a strange treasure
“Occupational Hazards”: an adventure at a construction site

Miyamoto will be holding a presentation with Nobuo Kawakami, chairman of Dwango and producer-trainer at Studio Ghibli.

The Tokyo International Film Festival runs at Roppongi Hills and various venues around the city between October 25 and October 31.


Jakks Pacific is releasing various Mario toys over the next couple of months. The New Super Mario Bros. U mini figure sets and “Micro Land” playsets kick things off this month, along with plushes (which come with Pikmin). Mario Kart 7 coin racers are also slated to launch in April.

Here’s the full roundup of items on the way:

The mini figures come in three packs:
1. Mario, Luigi, Goomba
2. Bob-Om, Princess Peach, Yoshi
3. Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Toad
4. Flying Squirrel Mario, Koopa Troopa, Nabbit
5. Flying Squirrel Luigi, Flying Squirrel Toad, Bob-Omb
6. Fire Mario, Bowser Jr., Bullet Bill

Micro Land playsets:
1. Acorn Plains w/ Mario
2. Acorn Plains w/ Flying Squirrel Mario
3. Layer Cake Desert w /Luigi

4. Layer Cake Desert w/ Yoshi

Mario Coin Racers:
Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are the only coin racers so far, with Luigi in the Bumble V and the other two in regular karts.

Wave 1
1. Mario
2. Goomba
3. Bob-Omb
4. Luigi
5. Toad

Wave 2
1. Mario
2. Yoshi
3. Link
4. Red Pikmin
5. Yellow Pikmin


Nintendo has announced five new series for Nintendo Video, set to debut as new shows for the app’s fall lineup. Starting November 1, 3DS users can view shorts relating to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3.

Here’s the full lineup:

Kotaku recently asked Zelda producer about which Nintendo franchise he’d like to work on next if given the opportunity.

We know one thing: it wouldn’t be Mario.

Aonuma told Kotaku that he’s “not any good at that type of jumping game.”

He was next suggested Pikmin. He believes that if he were to make a new entry in this series, it could turn into Zelda because he feels the two share some parallel idaes.

Here’s the full exchange between Aonuma and Kotaku:

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