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Hopoo Games today shared an updated roadmap for the console versions of Risk of Rain 2, including Switch.

The Scorched Acres, Skill 2.0, and Hidden Realms updates are all available. Artifacts 2.0 now has an actual release month of June. The final update in the roadmap, which had been scheduled for this summer, has now been pushed back to the fall.

We have a look at the roadmap above, which offers a breakdown of upcoming content.


Risk of Rain 2 is in an interesting position. It’s still technically in Early Access on Steam, but it just launched on consoles – including Switch.

Fortunately, Risk of Rain 2 will be getting the same content across all platforms. In fact, Hopoo Games has shared a roadmap as well as additional details regarding plans for consoles.

We have a look at the roadmap above. Hopoo has also provided the following information:

Elliot Quest arrived on the Switch eShop last October. It may now be receiving a physical version, courtesy of Nicalis.

A new rating for Elliot Quest was added to the ESRB database, which is fishy in itself. The listing doesn’t mention it, but the classification site’s homepage lists Nicalis as the “Company”.

Elliot Quest is out today on Switch as an eShop download. PlayEveryWare issued a trailer for the game that we’ve added in below.

Elliot Quest is coming to the Switch’s eShop tomorrow and we have some footage showing off what it looks like on the Switch. You can check it out below.

Elliot Quest will also takes up 161MB of space.

Thanks to @ContraNetwork_ for the footage and the tip.


After previously hitting both Wii U and 3DS, Elliot Quest makes the jump to Switch this week. It’s been listed on the eShop, but we’ve officially confirmed with PlayEveryWare that the worldwide release is set for October 19.

We also have some news about content updates. For the new Switch version, PlayEveryWare implemented the following:

Just a few days ago, we found out that Elliot Quest is arriving on the Switch eShop in Japan next week. We can probably say the same for North America as well.

Nintendo’s website has added in a listing for the new Switch version of Elliot Quest, claiming that the release date is October 19. The site can be off from time to time, but this particular listing is likely accurate.

Here’s an overview and trailer for Elliot Quest for those who haven’t heard of the game previously:

A listing on the eShop shows that Elliot Quest is due out in Japan next week. The digital game is set to arrive on October 19 for 999 yen.

Here’s an overview of the game:

After previously landing on Wii U and 3DS, Elliot Quest is making the jump to Switch. The European eShop has updated with a listing for the game, showing that a port is in the words.

Here’s an overview:

The PlayEveryWare Twitter has responded to a few people regarding slowdowns with the 3DS version of Elliot Quest. They have identified the problem as a memory leak that got past their QA tests and have already submitted a patch to Nintendo. They also offer a work around until the patch is live by stating players should restart the app every so often.

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