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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is gearing up for another big event. Beginning on Thursday, Pokemon GO Adventure Week will be held in the mobile game.

During the event, more items will be dished out from every PokeStop you visit. Poke Balls will also be discounted by 50 percent. If that wasn’t enough, your Buddy Pokemon will discover Candies four times as fast and Rock-type Pokemon will be more easily encountered.

Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Adventure Week can be found below with the official announcement.

Pokemon GO

Update (5/13): The new Pokemon GO update is now live.

Original (5/9): The next Pokemon GO update is in the process of being rolled out. On iOS, players will have access to version 1.33.1. The Android version will be updated to version 0.63.1.

Two main points make up the latest update. First, when you tap on a medal, it will now show your progress toward the next medal tier. Brazilian Portuguese language support is added as well.


Pokemon GO held a special event last weekend. The mobile game saw an influx of Grass-type Pokemon between May 5 and May 8.

On its Twitter page, Niantic delivered some key information about the event. Team Mystic caught the most Grass-type Pokemon at 116 million. Team Valor was next at 102 million, followed by Team Instinct with 72 million.


Pokemon GO is holding a new mini-event this weekend. Beginning during the afternoon of May 5 (tomorrow), players will find an influx of Grass-type Pokemon in the wild sometime this weekend. The event ends on May 8 PT.


Pokemon GO

The Android version of Pokemon GO has added a new feature. Although it doesn’t have much functionality yet, it will be possible to redeem promo codes in the future.

Players will be able to redeem codes by going through the following steps:

  1. In the Map View, touch the Main Menu button.
  2. Touch Shop button.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, enter the promo code in the text field.
  4. Touch Redeem.

Once a code is redeemed, a notification will display the items added to your inventory.

To reiterate, this feature is only included in the Android version of Pokemon GO. That being said, it will likely be added on iOS in the future.

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Pokemon GO’s Eggstravaganza was a busy time for players. During the special event, 87 million Eggs were hatched, Niantic announced today.

The Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza took place between April 13 and April 20. It offered a greater variety of Pokemon in 2 km Eggs, more Candy for every Egg hatched, and double XP.


Pokemon GO is kicking off a series of Egg-themed promos.

First, a greater variety of Pokemon can now be found in 2 km Eggs. Also, when any of your Eggs hatches, you’ll be given more Candy. Lucky Eggs will be 50 percent off in the in-game shop as well. Finally, players can earn double XP for all activities during this time.

The Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza begins today, and will last until April 20.


Update (4/7): Players should be able to grab the new update on iOS and Android.

Original (4/6): An update for Pokemon GO is in the process of being released. iOS users should soon be able to download version 1.31.0, while Android users will have version 0.61.0 to download.

The update adds Traditional Chinese language support and the Pokemon collection screen scroll bar has been updated, but otherwise includes only minor changes such as text changes and bug fixes.


Niantic issued a new “thank you” post on its blog today to highlight some of the awards its mobile game has received. The company also shared a new statistic and teased future plans once again.

According to Niantic, over 65 million people around the world are playing Pokemon GO each month. Niantic says “there’s a lot more to come,” including “all new cooperative social gameplay experiences”. More specifics should be divulged in the months ahead.


Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO got off to an incredible start last summer. It essentially became a phenomenon, and had millions upon millions playing each day.

No one expected Pokemon GO to keep up its initial playerbase and revenue stream. Still, by the end of last year, it was still doing fairly well.

As reported by Recode based on comScore data, Pokemon GO was averaging around five million daily unique visitors late last year. That’s a far cry from the initial 28.5 million, but respectable nonetheless.


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