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Rodea: The Sky Soldier

This week’s issue of Famitsu has an update on Rodea: The Sky Soldier. The game will be launching in Japan on April 2, according to the magazine. We’ll let you know if any other notable information leaks out of Famitsu.


Yesterday, Kadokawa Games shared a whole bunch of additional information about Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Gematsu posted a translated of the details, which cover the plot, characters, and gameplay.

Head on below for the full overview. And if you missed them, you’ll find a batch of new screenshots here.

Kadokawa Games held a presentation in Japan earlier this week to show off some of its upcoming games. Unsurprisingly, Rodea: The Sky Soldier was featured at the event, and a few more details were shared.

Back when the title was first announced, Kadokawa confirmed that Takumi Miyajima (who has been involved with the Tales series) created the world and story. That hasn’t changed, and we also know that the scenario is from Yoichi Kato of Youkai Watch fame.

As previously mentioned, Rodea has lost his memory at the beginning of the game. The story revolves around the idea that he slowly regains it. Ion will act as a support heroine.

Following the re-announcement of Rodea: The Sky Soldier earlier this week, Kadokawa Games has refreshed the website for Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Access the page Access the new site here. There’s not much to see currently, but expect the site to be updated with plenty of content going forward.

Famitsu brought us the surprising news yesterday that Rodea: The Sky Soldier is still in development. That’s despite the fact that the game was announced nearly four years ago. Rodea is still coming to 3DS, but it’s now heading to Wii U (the latter version also features the original Wii game that never released).

Earlier today, Famitsu posted an official about Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Along with several fresh screenshots, there are a few new details to read up on as well. You can find all of the latest content below.

– Begins on the floating continent of Garuda
– A curious girl named Ion discovers and reactivates Rodea in the ruins of Garuda
– Rodea is the legendary “Majin” machine soldier
– Was in a 1,000 year slumber
– Rodea lost his memory and is found with his right arm completely destroyed
– All that remains of his memory is a “fierce battle from the past” and “a girl with facial features similar to Ion”
– Rodea and Ion team up to fight against the machine empire of Naga
– Naga is approaching Garuda with the aim to capture the continent’s “Gravity Energy”




Rodea: The Sky Soldier has finally resurfaced. The game, which was first announced for Wii and 3DS in January 2011, is coming out in Japan this spring.

It should come as no surprise that the Wii version of Rodea has been scrapped, and the game is now coming to Wii U (and 3DS still) instead. Interestingly, Famitsu reveals that first print copies of the Wii U version contain the bonus of the Wii version – what this means exactly is currently unclear.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier features huge bosses that are many hundreds times the size of Rodea himself. Famitsu also has a look at three previously mentioned characters.


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