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Samurai Shodown

As the rollout of Samurai Shodown trailers continue, we now have a video focusing specifically on Samurai Shodown. Check out his trailer below.

SNK has issued the latest character trailer for Samurai Shodown. Have a look at a video focusing on Genjuro below.

A new “Return of a Legend” trailer is in for Samurai Shodown. It reveals all-new information about the upcoming title and shows off as-of-yet unrevealed concepts such as Dojo Mode.

Below are the latest details:

SNK shared the latest character trailer for Samurai Shodown today, this time focusing on Charlotte. View the video below.

SNK published the latest trailer for Samurai Shodown today focusing on Shiki. We’ve attached the new video below.

SNK issued a new character trailer for Samurai Shodown. Find a video focusing on Ukyo below.

SNK has shared a new trailer for Samurai Shodown that shows off new character Darli Dagger. You can check it out below.

Samurai Shodown has received a new character trailer focusing on Nakoruru. You can view the latest video below.

Samurai Shodown launches for Switch this winter.

During a live stream hosted by SNK today, The final two new characters for Samurai Shodown were revealed. Wu-Ruixiang and Yashamaru Kurama will both be included in the roster. They’ll join Darli Dagger as the three entirely new roster participants.

Here’s a new trailer showing Wu-Ruixiang and Yashamaru Kurama plus more:

Developer SNK has confirmed that they will reveal the remaining original characters that they have put into Samurai Showdown on April 5th.

The unveiling is set to occur at 11:00 JST and will be presented on both their YouTube and Twitch channels. Three characters are expected to be revealed, bringing the roster up to the 16 playable fighter count that has previously been announced.

The identity of one of these characters — Darli Dagger — was just recently revealed by the developer during PAX East 2019.