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Shintaro Sato

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War

Splatoon 3 introduced Tricolor Turf Wars as one of its big new features, and the developers behind the game have now discussed how it came to be.

Tricolor Turf War puts a spin on Splatfests that started out with the series’ very first game. During the second half of these events, three teams fight at the same time and it’s up to the first-place team to defend themselves in the 4-v-2-v-2 match type.

Splatoon 3 DLC

The developers of Splatoon 3 have discussed the game’s DLC, including Side Order which will be released in the future.

Director Hisashi Nogami along with co-directors Shintaro Sato and Seita Inoue weighed in as part of a recent interview with Famitsu. According to Nogami, Side Order will feature “completely new and different” gameplay. Whereas the main game is based on the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2 in which Team Chaos defeated Team Order, the new DLC is based on the latter side coming out on top. And yes, we’ll be seeing Off the Hook.

You can find our translation below, which also includes talk about why Inkopolis was brought back for the first part of the Expansion Pass DLC.

With the way online gameplay works in Splatoon 3, a notification is sent if your friend starts a match. Notifications also become available in players’ in-game notification list. It’s even possible to drop in to the battle from the notification that lets them know the battle has started, making it easier to play online with friends.

In the future, notifications will be expanded outside of your friends as well. That news comes from director Shintaro Sato, who touched on update plans in a new Splatoon 3 interview.

Here’s what he shared on that front:

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Splatoon 2 is celebrating its first anniversary. As a way of highlighting the occasion, Famitsu published a lengthy developer interview in last week’s issue. The Japanese magazine caught up with producer Hisashi Nogami, director Yusuke Amano, director/art director Seita Inoue, director/lead programmer Shintaro Sato, and sound designer Toru Minegishi.

The team shared some interesting information about the hectic development cycle for Splatoon 2, Rank X, and more. There’s also plenty of Octo Expansion talk, including the difficult and the design for Agent 8. 

Famitsu published a lengthy Splatoon 2 feature this week. Among the coverage was an interview with four of the game’s developers. Art director Seita Inoue, lead programmer Shintaro Sato, director Yusuke Amano, and producer Hisashi Nogami participated in the talk.

The developers weighed in on Splatoon 2’s improvements and adjustments from the first game, the new Salmon Run mode, the story, and future updates. Among the things discussed were Nintendo’s approach to Salmon Run, how Nintendo considered announcing a Splatoon sequel during the first game’s final Splatfest, a tease of more new weapon categories, and more. The developers were even asked if Marina is an Octoling.

You can find a comprehensive summary of important points from Famitsu’s interview below. 

Interviews coming out of E3 continue to roll out from E3. The latest one is from Glixel, who spoke with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami and programming director Shintaro Sato. The two weighed in on topics such as the game’s competitive nature and Salmon Run.

As usual, we’ve highlighted some of the noteworthy excerpts below. Head on over here for the full interview.

The Verge published some choice quotes from some of the developers at Nintendo, including Shinya Takahashi, general manager of Nintendo’s software division, Nintendo EPD. Takahashi started off by commenting on when it makes sense to introduce a new IP.

He said:

“It’s not just about new characters. It’s also about thinking about how people will accept new systems and gameplay. Sometimes new intellectual property is the best way to introduce that.”

“Whenever we see a new, really fun prototype, there’s always going to be a moment where we think: ‘How do we give the most people the opportunity to play this? Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game, or is this something that feels like it should go in a new direction?’ And that’s a debate that happens every single time.”

Today, Game Informer put up a lengthy interview with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami and lead programmer Shintaro Sato. Plenty was discussed here, including Salmon Run, letting players share art and messages, Splatfests, how much content will be available at launch, why voice chat is limited to friends / other familiar people, and music. There were other topics sprinkled in as well.

We’ve rounded up some of the noteworthy comments from Nogami and Sato below. You can read the full interview on Game Informer here.

One of the surprising standout elements of the original Splatoon was Hero Mode, the game’s single-player campaign. For Splatoon 2, Nintendo is bringing it back and expanding it further.

Director Yusuke Amano spoke about the upgraded Hero Mode in this month’s issue of GamesTM. Pretty much all aspects have been “expanded considerably,” according to the developer.

Amano said:

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