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Shovel Knight

First 4 Figures has started taking pre-orders for a brand new Shovel Knight statue. Different options are up for grabs, including an Ornate Plate Armor edition. They’re pricey though as First 4 Figures products tend to be – the statue will cost you anywhere between $300 and $550.

You can pre-order the new Shovel Knight statue here. Note, however, that reservations will only be live until December 22.

We also have this video discussing the creation of the new statue:

Only a handful of Switch games support video capture at the moment. And for older titles, they need to be updated so that players can record footage.

Shovel Knight is one Switch game that will be receiving support for video capture in the future. Yacht Club told one fan on Twitter that it will be added in the next update. We’ll likely be seeing it when King of Cards launches in 2018.

Yacht Club’s tweet is as follows:


Shovel Knight first appeared nearly three years ago. Despite that, the game did incredibly well on Switch at launch.

Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo told GamesIndustry that Shovel Knight “sold more units out of the gate than any other platform.” However, he also cautioned that the eShop is beginning to become more crowded, and believes Nintendo needs to find an easier way of highlighting both new and old titles.

D’Angelo said:

“I believe many developers right now are experiencing the same phenomenon. At the moment, games definitely stand out when they launch and consumers are excited to purchase, but at this rate there will be an over-abundance of games. We hope Nintendo updates the eShop to make it easier to highlight and find new and old titles.”


Shovel Knight: Official Design Works was originally planned for August. For unknown reasons, the book ended up being pushed back, but a new (and hopefully final) release date has been announced.

You should be able to purchase Shovel Knight: Official Design Works beginning on October 17. Amazon has also reopened pre-orders after previously closing them here.

Shovel Knight: Official Design Works is packed with all sorts of content. It includes key art, character concepts, enemy designs, sprite sheets, unused ideas, and a new tribute art gallery! Creator commentary and an exclusive interview are also featured.

Lengthy gameplay has appeared showing off the PAX demo for Shovel Knight: King of Cards in direct-feed. Watch 19 minutes of footage below.

If you’ve purchased the digital version of Shovel Knight, a new update can be downloaded. Yacht Club Games has issued version 3.2 for the handheld. It includes Japanese language options, many fixes, and localization / text improvements.

For the full patch notes, continue on below. Note that the update will be going live for the physical version next Tuesday.

AbdallahSmash026 has another look at the PAX demos for Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Runner3. View more off-screen footage below, which also has developer interviews.

The final campaign for Shovel Knight, King of Cards, has made its playable demo at PAX West this weekend. View some off-screen footage below.

GameXplain has a look at Shovel Knight’s appearance at PAX with some off-screen footage showing a battle between King Knight and Specter Knight. Watch the video below.

Update: Added in additional information from Yacht Club’s blog below.

Original: Three new Shovel Knight amiibo have been revealed, as was just shown in the [email protected] stream. Specter Knight, Plague Knight, and King Knight will all be sold in a 3-pack.

In terms of functionality, each figures unlocks helper fairies. They’ll also provide new challenge stages and new visual armor. “Some other things” were teased in a reveal trailer as well.

No word yet on when the amiibo will be available. They should be out sometime in the near future though.