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Spike Chunsoft

Another round of Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind details and screenshots have appeared. You can find a roundup of the latest content below.

– Play as humanity’s strongest soldier in Levi’s story
– Will encounter the female titan in the forest of giant trees
– World Mode: develop weapons by collecting raw materials
– Can also hire soldiers to fight with in battle in this mode
– Customize equipment before each mission
– The Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and Plug-In Blades used for fighting titans have many variations
– It’s handy to have recovery items ready
– “Normal Mission” and “Investigation Mission” available in World Mode
– Normal: number of Army Corps members increases every time you complete a mission
– Once you reach a certain number of Corps members, new missions will become available
– Investigation: total number of group members decreases regardless of the mission’s outcome
– Can obtain valuable items instead
– Can sometimes pick up a “Ring” during combat
– This allows players to become a titan for a fixed time
– If you become a titan, you’ll become stronger, use punches and kicks to attack, and can stomp titans of smaller stature

Thanks to Jake for the tip.



Retailers in Japan are offering various pre-order bonuses for Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. Animate will be giving out a mini Attack on Titan microfiber cloth while HMV is providing can badges (pins). Reservations at Imagine come with a cloth poster pack, and Sanyodo is providing a clear folder. Lastly, Stellaworth has a bromide card.


Spike Chunsoft has confirmed DLC for Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. Players will be able to obtain an additional story for Levi, and it will be free for a limited time.

If you clear the game with Levi, you can use him in the multiplayer World Mode. It’s also possible to acquire and use his special weapons.


Famitsu has published a new preview of Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. You can find new screenshots and a roundup of information below.

– Use the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear to bring down a titan
– Titan’s weak point is its neck
– Difficult to aim directly
– As such, it’s better to first break its posture by going for its legs
– Protagonist Eren can change into a titan
– Eren can use powerful punch and kick abilities
– This allows him to trample the titans he once thought were so big
– Create your own original character and challenge a large number of missions in World Mode
– General missions and investigation missions
– Unlock new missions by clearing other ones
– Set your character’s skills before the start of each mission
– By satisfying certain requirements, it’s possible to earn new skills


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