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Studio Artdink

Ahead of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World’s upcoming release, director Ryuichi Nishizawa was kind enough to answer some of our questions as part of a new interview. Nishizawa talked about the game’s origins including how long it’s been in the works, why the team decided to remake Monster World IV, and more. Nishizawa also spoke more generally and commented about what could come in the future.

You can find our full Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World developer discussion below.

Studio Artdink has released a new update for A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism. Here are the patch notes:

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the art style employed by Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World since the initial reveal. Rather than going for a pure 2D look, the game is instead using something that many have referred to “2.5D”. It’s quite a bit different compared to other recent entries in the series like Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

Speaking with Nintendo Everything, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World director Ryuichi Nishizawa provided an in-depth explanation as to why the team settled for this approach. He pointed to a few different reasons, such as how it can be easier to work with 3D assets and not having access to top-notch artists.

Nishizawa’s full words:

During the online version of Gamescom last August, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World was announced for Switch and other platforms. Fans were a bit mixed on the reveal with some feeling that the title could use some improvements. Thankfully, the team took the feedback to heart and has been hard at work on responding to some of the early criticism.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, director Ryuichi Nishizawa spoke about how Studio Artdink has improved Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, stating:

A-Train: All Aboard! launches today on the Switch eShop. Check out the launch trailer below.

A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism is receiving a worldwide release on Switch in a couple of days, but a demo is already up on the eShop. View some footage in the video below.

A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism launches for Switch on March 12. Learn more about the title here.

ININ Games and Studio Artdink have prepared a new trailer for Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. For today’s video, Asha’s blue friend Pepelogoo is featured.

Here’s a rundown of the character:

Update: Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World will launch in the west sometime during Q2 2021. We have a new trailer below as well.

Original: Publisher ININ Games and developer Studio Artdink have announced that Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World will be releasing this Spring in Japan. The April 22nd release date will see this remake of Monster World IV in the hands of waiting gamers as either a standard or “Special Pack” —  which includes a collector’s box, two art books (one 80 pages, one 40 pages), and a copy of the game. Digital editions will be available on the eShop the same day.

Here in the west, an “Early 2021” release window is still confirmed. We will update should an actual release date arrive soon.


ININ Games, Studio Artdink, and Strictly Limited Games are going all out for the physical versions of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. Aside from a standard release, three special editions are planned.

Here’s the rundown as to what’s included:

G Choice / Studio Artdink and Kiwi Walks have shared the first trailer for Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine -The Story of the Marionette Witch Eirudy-, the upcoming witch raising RPG for Switch. Check out the video below.

Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine -The Story of the Marionette Witch Eirudy- is slated for December 17 in Japan.