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Urban Trial Playground footage

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On April 5, Tate Multimedia will be bringing Urban Trial Playground to Switch. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Urban Trial Playground appears to be receiving a physical release in Europe. A new listing has popped up on Amazon France, complete with the game’s boxart. You can see the official page here.

Urban Trial Playground will also be offered physically in Japan, courtesy of 3goo. North America might be the only region without a physical version, though fortunately important is an option since Switch is region-free.

Tate Multimedia revealed Urban Trial Playground for Switch a couple of weeks ago. Outside of North America and Europe, the game will be seeing a release in Japan, and interestingly, a physical edition is in the works.

3goo will publish Urban Trial Playground in Japan where the retail version will cost 4,380 yen. On the eShop, it’ll cost a bit lower at 3,600 yen.

We have Urban Trial Playground’s Japanese boxart above.


The Urban Trial games, which previously appeared on 3DS, have sold over one million copies worldwide. Today, developer Tate Multimedia announced the next entry in the franchise that will be exclusive to Switch.

Urban Trial Playground is coming to the eShop on April 5. The stunt bike racing title will feature the sunny and colorful beaches of California. You’ll flip, trick, and roll over palm trees and golden sands dunes.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 previously launched in Europe at the end of March. This coming week, North America is also getting the game. A listing on the eShop has it down for April 20 with a $6.99 price point.

If you’re interested in Urban Trial Freestyle 2, keep an eye on our Twitter page. We may have a few codes to hand out very soon…

An update can now be downloaded for Urban Trial Freestyle 2. Version 1.1.0 is out for all players who own the game.

Official patch notes are below:

– Corrected position of the stunts and adjusted scoring in Stunt Mode
– Reworked Decors and the Camera in the Level Editor
– Tweaked difficulty of the Challenge Tracks
– Minor bug fixes

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 has only been distributed in Europe thus far. The title should be releasing in North America soon, though it’s unclear if and when the update will be offered.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 launches today on the European 3DS eShop. While Tate Multimedia was hoping to have it ready in North America today as well, it’s coming a bit later on. Urban Trial Freestyle 2 should be ready sometime next month in the states.

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Source: Tate Multimedia PR

Tate Multimedia announced last month that Urban Trial Freestyle 2 would be hitting the 3DS eShop by the end of Q1. Today, the company shared a final release date. Urban Trial Freestyle 2 is set to arrive on March 30.

We assume that date is for both North America and Europe. Nonetheless, we’re following up with Tate Multimedia to clarify as well as find out about pricing.

For those that missed it, plenty of details and a trailer for Urban Trial Freestyle 2 are here.

Source: Tate Multimedia PR

Urban Trial Freestyle was a success for Tate Multimedia having sold over one million companies. Now the company is back with a sequel: Urban Trial Freestyle 2.

Much like its predecessor, you’ll once again be flipping and tumbling over dozens of obstacles with motorbikes while heading to the goal. The Skate Park, Highway, Urban Parkour, Industrial, and the Suburbs are among the locations you’ll explore.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 packs in twice the amount of levels at 80 along with Stunt and Time Attack modes. A track editor is also included so that players can create their own levels and share them online. Speaking of online, it’s possible to challenge friends in the competitive timed mode.

Customization plays a role in Urban Trial Freestyle 2. Tate Multimedia is packing in customizable elements for each motorbike. New player outfits are also supported.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 hits the 3DS eShop in Q1. View the first trailer below.

Source: Tate Multimedia PR

The first Urban Trial Freestyle was released on various platforms, including 3DS. It sounds like the game did quite well on the eShop as a sequel has now been announced. We don’t have too many details just yet, but Urban Trial Freestyle 2 will be at TGS 2016 next week.