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Tatsumi Kimishima

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

This graph shows changes in Nintendo 3DS hardware sell-through, as a total for the Japanese, US, and European markets combined. Although sales are trending lower than last year, the results from our seventh holiday season sales have maintained stable levels. As explained during the financial results briefing in October of last year, the Nintendo 3DS family of hardware has continued to sell steadily without significant fall-off, even after the release of Nintendo Switch.

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

New software titles will be released for Nintendo Switch to satisfy everyone, from our game fans to family gamers.

As shown, from February onward we will be releasing a wide variety of new software titles one after the next.

More than 300 software titles are already available for Nintendo Switch from other software publishers. Early participation of many publishers has led to the release of software titles in a wide variety of genres.

In addition to the packaged titles available in stores, many unique download-only titles have been released in Nintendo eShop, providing consumers with an even wider selection of software titles.

We believe that the availability of software titles will continue to accelerate as a result of the widespread acceptance of Nintendo Switch by other software publishers. In addition to the software titles you see here, a string of titles in a wide variety of genres will be released in the future.


This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Looking ahead at the next stage for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch, we believe we need to offer very Nintendo-like “new forms of play.” One of those efforts is Nintendo Labo, which we announced just the other day.

Consumers around the world who watched this video had generally favorable responses, including some who voiced delighted surprise that Nintendo had once again done the unexpected. The release is set for April, so this was just a teaser to unveil the product. We will introduce the full particulars for Nintendo Labo over the course of the
weeks ahead through hands-on events and a variety of promotional activities by Nintendo.

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Next let’s talk about Nintendo Switch Online, the paid subscription service that expands the online functionality of the Nintendo Switch. We reported previously that the service would launch in 2018, and now the official start time has been set to September 2018. Work is progressing on ways to further heighten the gaming experience for consumers. Details will be made available as they are finalized.


We’ve heard Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima say that the new worldwide sales target for Switch this fiscal year is 20 million units. That would surprise the previous target by about 1.4 times.

Speaking with Mainichi, Kimishima said: “In order to be playable in the long term, the second year is crucial. Our task is to add more users, including people who barely touch game consoles.” He also said Nintendo has to expand the game library, take in new players, and raise the Switch as “a game console with long lifespan.”

Kyoto Shimbun published a new interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishina. Kimishima talked 3DS, movies, confirmed that the sleep-tracking device is still in the works, and more. 

First, when asked about Switch’s success, Kimishima said it has surpassed Nintendo’s expectations. The method of play in which the system can be carried outside despite being a home console has been accepted by people. Once again, Nintendo wants to raise its sales forecast to over 20 million units this year, exceeding the FY2017 expectation of 14 million units. If the goals for FY2017 are reached, then Kimishima thinks Nintendo can change the business flow (from the slumping Wii U), so Nintendo wants to improve this momentum.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has conducted new interviews with a few different outlets this week, including Asahi.

In its first article, the Japanese newspaper quotes Kimishima saying that, next year, Nintendo would like to offer new kinds of gameplay that make use of the Joy-Con’s features such as HD Rumble and the motion-tracking camera. He unfortunately did not elaborate further, but the tease itself is interesting enough. HD Rumble allows for more realistic vibrations while the camera can detect the shape, movement, and distance of objects.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has provided an update on the sales situation surrounding Switch. Speaking with Kyoto Shimbun, Kimishima stated that the company would like to sell over 20 million units in the next fiscal year that begins in April.

Kimishima added that Nintendo hopes to increase momentum by releasing games that offer new ways to play. Another part of the strategy is to beef up DLC offerings so that users can play games for a longer period of time.


Last week, Nintendo delivered its latest financial results. The news was accompanied by the regular financial results briefing held by president Tatsumi Kimishima. Kimishima weighed in on the issues with Switch supply, maintaining Wii-like momentum, third-parties, eSports, and more.

We’ve rounded up the full Q&A in its entirety. You can read all of Kimishima’s comments below.

One portion of Nintendo’s financial results briefing involved a Q&A session. The transcript is only up in Japanese at present, though the English version should be out within the next few days. Siliconera did translate a couple of the excerpts ahead of time.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima was asked about Nintendo’s plans for China involving Switch. Kimishima also weighed in on the possibility of releasing mobile games in the country.

The full excerpts are below:

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