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40 additional minutes of Zombie Vikings footage is now available for viewing. We have the latest video below.

Several minutes of footage has come in for Zombie Vikings, a game coming to the Wii U eShop in the near future. View the video below.


Zoink has discussed the decision to bring Zombie Vikings to Wii U – and hinted at possible New 3DS port.

In a recent interview, founder Klaus Lyngeled said that interest from Nintendo fans as a big reason why the studio will be releasing its new game on the eShop. He additionally mentioned interest in releasing Zombie Vikings on New 3DS along with Stick it to the Man.

Lyngeled’s comments in full:

“Every time we’re out on the social media, and we mention Nintendo, there’s a huge following and they’re so devoted. I feel like we have to do a Nintendo console too, they’re supporting the game community and care about gameplay. With this game, since we’re doing hardcore gameplay, I want to make sure these guys try it and see if they like it since they know their s**t. That’s why I’m releasing it on Wii U, but I’d like to release it on the 3DS as well, but unfortunately our engine doesn’t support the 3DS yet. Now that the New 3DS supports Unity, we might be able to do something in the future, we’ve talked about Stick It To The Man for the New 3DS which I’d love to do. We’d love to release it this year in December, and we want to focus on playing it on the normal Wii Remote so four people can play it simultaneously. I’m not sure we’re going to support the GamePad because it may not make sense, it’s more important to play it with four players.”


21 minutes of footage has come in showing the upcoming Wii U eShop game Zombie Vikings. Watch the video below.

A new trailer for Zombie Vikings was uploaded earlier this week. For the latest look at the game, check out the video below.

GameSpot has gone live with more footage from Zombie Vikings. Check out the newest video below.

GameSpot has shared a video that shows the versus mode in Zombie Vikings. Take a look at it below.

SteamWorld Dig developer Image & Form has announced a new partnership with Zoink, the studio behind Stick It to the Man. From here on out, Image & Form will market and publish titles for both companies. Note that this is simply a collaboration and the two studios will remain as separate entities.


Zoink is done with Stick it to the Man, which means we won’t be seeing any DLC in the future. However, the studio could revisit the IP… one day.

On Twitter, Zoink said that “a sequel would be fun.” This would happen in the future though, as the team is currently hard at work on a new title.

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