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Fe could be getting a patch on Switch to address the game’s performance issues. Specifically, Zoink is now looking into the frame rate to see how it can be improved.

At the very least, an update should be coming for Fe that tackles crashes. The team came across one crash in particular and intends to have a patch ready as soon as possible.

Zoink passed along the following to one fan about Fe’s performance on Switch:

System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: February 16, 2018
Developer: Zoink
Publisher: EA Originals

It’s is a little bit of a platformer, a little bit of a puzzle game, and a little bit of an art piece. At its heart Fe is a game about communication. It’s easy to locate among the lineage of games that are notable for pushing stories that only an interactive medium can tell: Another World, Ico, and Journey, as three pivotal entries in that genealogy. With its stylized low-poly aesthetic, soothing cello carried soundscape, and wimpy little fox character Fe feels like a game that is content being placed under the larger context of games that have been bolder and newer than it. For what it is, Fe is good. Scattered throughout its eight hour run time are a few really effective and awe-inspiring moments but even these glimpses of inspiration feel complacent in the shadows of earlier prospects.

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Fe from Zoink and EA debuted on various platforms this week, including Switch. Get a look at how the Switch version stacks up to the Xbox One edition in the video below.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

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A new rating for Stick It to The Man on Switch has been added to PEGI’s database. It’s a sign that the game is getting a physical release, especially since Rising Star Games is listed as its publisher.

Something similar happened with SteamWorld Dig 2 on Switch. After we spotted a new rating for that title, which also listed Rising Star Games as publisher, a physical version was announced soon after. The same situation appears to be happening with Stick It to The Man.

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Next week, Fe will make its debut on Switch and other platforms. Have a look at some new footage on Nintendo’s console below.

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Fe file size

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Over on the Switch eShop, a listing has just been added in for Fe. It tells us that the game’s file size is 1.1GB.

Fe launches for Switch on February 16. It was developed by Zoink, though EA will be handling publishing duties.

Source: Switch eShop

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Flipping Death still doesn’t have a release date, but do we have some notable news for the game. Zoink has teamed up with Rising Star Games to offer a physical version.

The retail release of Flipping Death will be sold in North America, Europe, and beyond. It’ll launch at the same time as the digital version.

Aside from the game, the boxed edition contains two physical collector cards created by the artists at Zoink. The cards also contain character bios and unlock codes to help complete your full collection of cards inside the game itself.

Source: Rising Star Games PR

We finally have a release date for Fe, the newest game from Stick it to the Man and Flipping Death developer Zoink. As announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini in January, it will appear on the eShop beginning February 16.

Regarding pricing, Fe will set you back $19.99. Both GameStop and Nintendo’s own website have it down for that much, and other sources also confirm the same amount.


Image & Form and Zoink are joining together under an entirely new company. Today, the two sides have announced the establishment of “Thunderful”.

Image & Form is known for its successful SteamWorld series. Zoink has worked on Stick it to the Man as well as the upcoming titles Fe and Flipping Death.

You can read today’s full announcement below.

Fe fact sheet

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EA and Zoink have put out a fact sheet for Fe, sharing the latest information about the game. You can read it in full below.

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