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Dragon Quest X Sugoroku mini-game

Posted 3 hours ago
By (@KiraraKoneko)

In the upcoming Dragon Quest X Version 3 releasing in Japan we will see a return of the Sugoroku mini-games.

The mini-games will be playable in the Casino’s Bingo Hall area and can be played either solo or up to four players. In these games you will acquire coins that you can then trade-in at the Casino.

Here are a few more details about the mini-game:

– Special End bosses are different but if reached you will be rewarded

– Treasure chests will provide you with useful items and coins, but beware to open a bad one

– Temple of Dharma space where you can change jobs

– Hocus Pocus spell also has its own space.

Check out screenshots of the game below:

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[Weekly Screenshot] Affordable Space Adventures #5

affordable-space-adventures-5 Posted 10 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Affordable Space Adventures’ launch is just on the horizon. We’ll be seeing the game on April 9, but KnapNok Games has shared with us another screenshot from the title to tide you over until then.

View the new image above. We also have an official description of the action below.

Not all the dangers of space come from artifacts trying to detect and destroy you. Sometimes peril comes from things far more organic, like these dark plants which will reach out to you in an attempt to wrap themselves around your ship, drag you over to their base and… And that’s pretty much it. What these plants do to you afterwards is a mystery, but certainly nothing good. So stay away from them as much as possible. Or… perhaps you have something that might scare them off?


Super Booty Diver heading to the Wii U eShop this summer

super-booty-diver Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Xavier Orion Games has announced a retro-inspired project for Wii U titled “Super Booty Diver”. The game will be out on the eShop (and a couple of other platforms) this summer for $4.99.

Super Booty Diver is all about adventuring underwater while monitoring your air levels and acquiring currency known as “booty”. There will be shooting mechanics with limited ammo, 50 levels, and puzzle-like Boss Battles. Off-TV play will be supported, and Super Booty Diver sports a chiptune soundtrack.