Nintendo Everything: Screenshots

Splatoon screenshot (12/18/14)

splatoon-dec-18 Posted 2 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Another Splatoon screenshot arrived on the game’s English Tumblr account today. View the new image below, and an explanation below.

This just in! There appear to be some members of the octopus forces that hit hard like a freight train. They’re also not so easy on the eyes… Just remember this: if it’s got two legs—look out!



Etrian Mystery Dungeon boxart and details

emdboxart Posted 5 days ago
By (@Patricklous)

Famitsu have revealed a few new details on the upcoming crossover dungeon crawler, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, including the game’s boxart. The game will feature a new character class, the Wanderer (Fuurai), which looks an awful lot like a certain veteran Mystery Dungeon explorer. A pair of new NPC characters were also revealed; One of them handles the usual “Adventurer’s Guild” for creating characters and arranging parties while the other dapper fellow offers missions. Famitsu also teased the massive D.O.E. enemies that will appear during dungeon dives, which will presumably act like Etrian Odyssey’s traditional F.O.E. foes. We’ve included a bunch of the new art and screenshots in a gallery over the break.