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Sonic Forces screenshots

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Following the video released earlier today, SEGA published a trio of Sonic Forces screenshots showing Classic Sonic in action. See them below.

A couple of updates from the ARMS Twitter account: first of all, they revealed another alternate costume, namely the dark-colored Ribbon Girl you see above. They also posted a screenshot of the “Arms Lab” stage as well as the next weapon showcase video, featuring the shocking Sparky:


Last week, Dragon Quest XI’s Skill Panel system was revealed via Shonen Jump. Today, the game’s official website was updated with a section on the Skill Panel system (thanks to Gematsu for the translation). It doesn’t really reveal anything new, though it does provide a look at some of the skills you can get, such as Camus’ “Slime Blow”, Veronica’s “Magical Awakening” and Silvia’s “Flute of Fascination”.

The website also revealed an interesting new system – the Spell of Restoration. This is essentially a sort of cross-platform save date transfer. By entering a code, you can continue your adventure at roughly the same point in the story on another platform. However, only the main character’s name and your progress in the story is transferred over – your party’s levels, gold and items will change to a pre-determined value based on your progress in the main story. This sort of save data transfer will initially work with the game’s 3DS and PS4 versions. However, it seems likely that the Switch version will be compatible with this feature as well, once it is released.

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Atlus released some new artwork and screenshots for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology via 4Gamer. Take a look at them in the gallery below. By the way, did you know that the English website for the original DS game is still up? You can find it here – there, you can read the biographies of some of the characters and compare the artstyle used in the original game with the one in the 3DS remake.

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Differently-colored costumes for characters are a staple in fighting games and ARMS will be no exception. The official ARMS Twitter account revealed the pink-colored Ninjara seen above. Obviously, other characters will also have different color variations available.

The next weapon showcase video was also released – take a look at the Chakram weapon:


A few new games out came out this week on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. If you’re interested in checking out what’s new in screenshot form, take a look at the gallery below.

A new set of amiibo is being released alongside Splatoon 2, and just like in the first game, these will unlock special outfits. These are somewhat similar to the outfits the original amiibo in the first game unlocked – the new Inkling Girl amiibo unlocks a school uniform, the Inkling Boy amiibo unlocks a ninja outfit and the Inkling Squid amiibo unlocks a set of heavy armor (called Power Gear in the first game).

In the original Splatoon, you had to play special challenge levels to receive the outfits. We don’t know yet how it’ll work in Splatoon 2, as we barely know anything about the game’s singleplayer content at the moment.


Check out some screenshots of this week’s Nintendo Downloads in Europe:


ARMS screenshots

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Over on the official Japanese Twitter page, Nintendo posted several new screenshots from ARMS. We’ve added them in below.


The official Splatoon Twitter account has posted a few new screenshots from Splatoon 2. These highlight the amiibo functionality in Splatoon 2, i.e. saving your outfits, gear and customization options to an amiibo as well as being able to take photos of your character alongside the amiibo. Nothing really new, but these screenshots do show off some the outfits that are in the game.


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