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At the Tokyo Game Show last week, Capcom made a special announcement about the Ace Attorney series, as The Great Ace Attorney is getting a sequel. You can now watch the first trailer for The Great Ace Attorney 2 below with English subtitles.

Nintendo Everything was at this year’s Tokyo Game Show! We had a low-key presence at the event, but we did manage to try out several upcoming Japanese 3DS titles. Look for our impressions in the coming days.

Megami Meguri is Capcom’s upcoming new 3DS game where players communicate with and raise an IC card spirit. The regular game, a free-to-play experience, will be fully downloadable from the eShop. However, there will be also physical Collector’s Package (at 5,800 yen) and a limited Complete Edition at e-Capcom (9,800 yen) that will also come with extra memorabilia.

A demo of Megami Meguri was available at Tokyo Game Show 2016. When we started playing, Amaterasu greeted us in her human form, explaining what we are expected to do to raise the spirit, before converting to a chibi form.

Siliconera published an interesting interview excerpt today with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice game and scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki. When asked about ideas that were considered, Yamazaki revealed the team thought about having Phoeinx act “as a lawyer in an underground court that served the likes of the mafia and other underworld inhabitants.”

Here are his full comments about it:

“There was one real sticking point while I was writing the design document for Spirit of Justice, and that was how were we going to put Phoenix in a corner, given that he’d become this legendary lawyer in the course of this series.

One idea was to have Phoenix stand as a lawyer in an underground court that served the likes of the mafia and other underworld inhabitants. That underground court would hold trials and render judgment on those who’d broken the rules of the underworld, meaning that even Phoenix would have a tough time believing in his own clients. Furthermore, everyone involved in the trials would be members of the underworld, including witnesses and prosecutors, so naturally, there would be false testimonies, forged evidence, bribes, blackmail, and other dirty dealings going on. Under those circumstances, we figured even Phoenix would feel incredibly like a fish out of water.”

It’s always neat to see what a game could have been. Had Capcom gone in this direction, there’s no question that Spirit of Justice would have been a very different experience.


Capcom is still writing new development blogs based on the newly-released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Read the seventh entry here.

With today’s piece, Capcom discusses how the character models were created and animated. Model lead Keiji Ueda and character animator Ryota Fujii both share some thoughts.

The second trailer is now live for Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, the upcoming anime based on Capcom’s new 3DS game. Watch the new video below.

This week’s Famitsu contains another article on Monster Hunter Stories. Even though the game isn’t too far off, the preview coverage actually provides quite a number of new details. We have plenty of information about modes, StreetPass functionality, and more.

Tournament Mode is is an offline mode where players fight other Riders in a tournament format. There are two categories:

– Normal Tournaments, which can be accessed anytime
– Download Tournaments, which can be obtained as DLC

Capcom brought out the first wave of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice DLC last week, which included a short story and 3DS theme. Head past the break for a Twitch archive showing off the content.

Capcom has been announcing collaborations left and right for Monster Hunter Stories. Today, a partnership was unveiled with the Japanese publication Dengeki.

In the game, players will be able to obtain a weapon: sword and shield Inazuma Works, which will be upgraded to Ikazuchi Works when maxed out. A Nabiru costume as the Dengeki Politan will also be available as post-release DLC.

Get a close look at the Dengeki collaboration in the gallery below.


More Monster Hunter Stories footage

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V Jump continues the recent coverage of Monster Hunter Stories with some new gameplay. Get a look at the latest video below.

In Japan, Capcom just released a demo for Monster Hunter Stories – as we learned would happen this past weekend. Head past the break for a Twitch archive with a ton of footage.

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