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Nerdist posted a new interview yesterday with some of the creators behind the new Mega Man animated series. Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, and Joe Casey from Man of Action all participated in the discussion. Aside from talk about Mega Man as a character (focusing on optimism), the art style, and other topics, Nerdist also says that the show will air on Disney XD next year.

Per usual, we’ve rounded up some of the comments below. You can read the full interview on Nerdist here.

Capcom has shared another two character profiles for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Today, we’re able to learn a bit more about Maya Fey and Ahlbi Ur’gaid.

Find the full rundown on both characters below. For those that missed it, Phoenix and Rayfa’s profiles are here.

In the second of our series covering just some of the many characters in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, we take a break from our protagonist and newly introduced royal priestess Rayfa to focus on the return of Phoenix’s long-time friend, Spirit Medium (in training), and Ace Assistant, Maya Fey! We’ll also be discussing the capable (if not overzealous) new character Ahlbi Ur’gaid, a young monk who also works as a tour guide. Turns out these two have a bit more in common than one might think.

Maya made her first appearance in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as part of a twisting and gloomy case that implicated Maya as a murder suspect. Despite Maya being initially accused of the crime – an accusation that Phoenix quickly clears after taking on Maya’s case himself – Maya soon joins forces with Phoenix to find the true murderer and bring them to justice. Following the sad circumstances that resulted in Phoenix and Maya inheriting the Fey & Co. Law Offices, Maya soon decided that she wanted to take on the role of Phoenix’s assistant. This new friendship born out of tragedy resulted in not only the offices being rebranded as the Wright & Co. Law Offices, but also helped lift Maya’s mood, soon bringing her back to her naturally cheery self. Maya’s unique ability to channel the spirits of the dead (which causes her physical appearance to change as a result), alongside her natural intuition and optimistic outlook, helped Phoenix through many of his early cases – though her channeling sometimes caused her more problems than it solved!

Capcom has posted another Monster Hunter Stories gameplay video with director Satoshi Inoue and series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. Check it out below.

Capcom’s TGS 2016 lineup

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Capcom has opened its official website for the Tokyo Game Show. You can find it here.

A few Capcom titles are confirmed are now confirmed for the expo. Monster Hunter Stories, Monster Hunter Spirits, Resident Evil 7, and Project Palm will all be present at TGS 2016. Monster Hunter Stories will be playable, and it will also have a stage event and stream presence.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 will take place between September 15 and September 18. Hours of live broadcasts are planned on each day aside for the 16th.

The latest episode of Capcom TV aired earlier today, and unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter Stories was shown once again. We’ve embedded the relevant part of the footage below.

Capcom has just posted a video interview with Sam Riegel, the voice of Phoenix Wright in Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. You can watch the video below.

Capcom just published a new blog entry on their website, examining the history of Phoenix Wright and giving us a more in-depth look at his new nemesis, Rayfa Padma Khura’in, who makes her debut in the upcoming game Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. You can find the blog post below.

With a recently announced September 8th release date, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is now less than a month away! The sometimes serious, often goofy, but always loveable cast of the Ace Attorney series has grown significantly over the years, so today we’re kicking off the first in a series of character profiles to tell you about what some of the returning characters have been up to, and introduce some of the characters they’ll meet along their journey in the upcoming game. Today we have the legendary attorney himself, Phoenix Wright, and series newcomer, the Royal Priestess and Princess of the Kingdom of Khura’in, Rayfa Padma Khura’in (and I thought “Chief Prosecutor” was a fancy title…).

Phoenix Wright, currently head of the Wright Anything Agency, has been around since the very beginning. That’s probably not a surprise to most, even if you’re not familiar with the series. His name’s right there in the title after all. Phoenix has been through quite a lot since his early days as a rookie attorney, when he first took on a case defending his childhood friend, Larry Butz, against a murder accusation. Thanks to the help of his boss and mentor, Mia Fey, and his own deduction skills, Phoenix cemented his ability to turn the case around when he was on the brink of defeat, ultimately proving Larry’s innocence.

Monster Hunter Stories – Deviljho video

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The spiky-faced Deviljho is on display in the latest Monster Hunter Stories video. Check out its ravenous attacks below:

Towards the end of last week, Nintendo UK posted a Monster Hunter Generations video about what newcomers to the series like about the game. The company has now followed up with a video from fans. Check it out below.

Capcom has posted another lengthy video of Monster Hunter Stories footage. The footage shows off many parts of the game, such as story, the extensive character customization, the battle system, and breeding. You can watch it below:

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