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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate originally launched for Switch in Japan last August. A year later, the game is finally coming west.

For awhile, there had actually been quite a bit of uncertainty as to whether Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate would leave Japan. When Capcom was asked about localization, the company was rather quiet on the subject.

When Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate originally launched in Japan, Capcom teamed up with Nintendo for a special Zelda: Breath of the Wild collaboration. It’s now confirmed that the same content will be extended to the west.

Here’s a trailer:

Following the reveal of Torch Man in Mega Man 11 at Comic-Con, Capcom has announced the character officially. An official blog shares first details about the Robot Master, and we have a trailer as well. Find everything rounded up below.

A new Mega Man 11 Robot Master debuted during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con today. Torch Man will be included in the game, Capcom revealed.

Those who attended the panel say that the first footage of Torch Man was shown. According to one report, his style is similar to Ryu from Street Fighter.



Capcom is hosting a new sale on the North American 3DS and Wii U eShops. A variety of titles are up to 80% off, including Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and more.

Here’s the full lineup:

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Capcom has given us a slight tease for the Mega Man X franchise with the new Legacy Collection 1 and 2. Early copies of the soundtrack have made their way to fans in Japan, and there is a blurb on the composer’s commentary page that reads the following:

“The story of X’s fight is not yet over.”

With Mega Man X8 being the last Mega Man X title to release in 2004, it’s very possible that we could be getting a new title after Mega Man 11 launches later this year. It’s an interesting thought!


Mega Man X Legacy Collection boxart

Capcom is putting out Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 this month. If you find the games too difficult, you’ll be happy to hear that a Rookie Hunter / Easy Mode is included. It can be toggled in-game as well as in the main menu.

When the mode is enabled, the damage taken will be reduced by half. Also, in X4 to X8, you won’t have to deal with insta-deaths from spikes and bottomless pits.

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A while back, Capcom delayed Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International, but we now know when it will be due out in Japan. The new release date is October 25, 2018, and will cost ¥5,389 for the retail version. The digital version is slightly less, at ¥4,860.

The new trailer can be viewed below:

The Nintendo UK store has opened pre-orders for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Reserve a copy of the game here. In addition to the standard game, a figure bundle is also available.

Mega Man 11

A listing on Amazon reveals an official Mega Man 11 guide. Moreover, Prima is readying a collector’s edition.

The guide will feature tips and tricks for Mega Man 11, along with interviews, a fan art section, and more. The collector’s edition comes in the form of a premium hardcover book.

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