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Yacht Club Games is at Switch’s launch with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment. But how’d the studio find out about the new console anyway?

In a recent interview, lead programmer and studio co-founder David D’Angelo said:

“Nintendo first came to us. They said, ‘We have something coming. No we can’t tell you what it is, but if you have something around this time then that would be great.’ They do a pretty good job of keeping us in the loop in case our projects line up.”

D’Angelo also mentioned that “Switch is light years ahead of the Wii U. It’s an incredibly easy system to develop for, even compared to other consoles.”

With Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games had it running “within a week”. In D’Angelo’s experience, developing for Switch is very close to the PlayStation 4. “I’ve been very impressed with how put together it is,” he said.


Within the past week or so, new 1-2-Switch interviews with producer Kouichi Kawamoto appeared in both in Famitsu and on Japanese website 4Gamer. While nothing too major was mentioned, there were a few excerpts we thought were worth highlighting.

First, on 4Gamer, the site started out by talking about how 1-2-Switch feels reminiscent of WarioWare. Kawamoto responded to this and later directly commented on why the game isn’t pre-installed.

Below is the relevant exchange between the two sides:

The first game I created after joining Nintendo was the Sound Bomber mini-game included in 64DD title Mario Artist: Polygon Studio. Sound Bomber became foundation for WarioWare, so I am credited as being responsible for coming up with it.

Does that mean 1-2-Switch is based on WarioWare?

No, it doesn’t (laughs). I happened to come up with something completely new this time. […]

Did you ever consider making a game like 1-2-Switch as part of the WarioWare series?

WarioWare throws new games with different rules at you one after another, and they are fairly difficult games. If you played them without looking at screen, they would be extremely difficult. Furthermore, the players themselves are the characters in 1-2-Switch, performing on their ‘stage’ in front of the screen, so there isn’t really any room for the Wario characters. Because of that, I decided not to use Warioware from the outset. I made something new.

Glixel recently published an interview with Bethesda Game Studios’ executive producer Todd Howard. During the chat, Howard was able to comment a bit more on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Switch.

First, Howard was asked about how Skyrim for Switch came about. He shared the following:

“When it comes to the Switch, Nintendo’s the only company that can do that, right? When you hear that Nintendo’s going to do a new platform, there’s a lot of ways that can go. If you look at handheld gaming, they’re still the best at it. If they say ‘we’re going to make the best handheld ever and you can plug it into your TV’, well that’s just really, really smart. I hope they do well and it’s a unique opportunity for us.”

Glixel also asked if Bethesda was talking with Nintendo for awhile:

It took awhile, but Choice Provisions finally confirmed Runner3 for Switch earlier this week. Making things even better is that the game is an exclusive for the system.

Speaking with MCV, producer Dant Rambo said that “Nintendo’s focus on accessibility and creating a platform for the hardcore and non-hardcore alike were the biggest factors for [Choice Provisions]” in creating the project only for the new console. Being able to play the game at home or on the go was another factor as well.

Rambo also said:

Kimishima on Switch’s price, VR

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Earlier today, Asahi Shimbun published a brief interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima about Switch. There were a few interesting excerpts about the system’s price and plans for VR.

Regarding price, Asahi Shimbun brought up how some people feel that Switch is expensive when compared to other gaming systems. However, Kimishima was quick to point out that the features are different, so you can not simply compare them. He thinks those opinions are not necessarily the majority. Nintendo is putting in effort to reduce costs, so the company may be able to consider a price drop in the future.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn’t have support for HD Rumble. That being said, series producer Eiji Aonuma is certainly interested in the new force feedback feature Switch provides.

Speaking with Game Informer, Aonuma said that HD Rumble “is something I am keeping in the back of my head” and “would definitely like to visit” at some point in the future. He also brought up how it would work well in something like Skyward Sword – HD remaster, anyone?

Aonuma’s full words:

Famitsu conducted an interview with a couple of the developers behind Fire Emblem Heroes this month. Intelligent Systems director Kouhei Maeda and Nintendo director Shingo Matsushita were able to provide some additional insight into the mobile game.

To start out, the interview touched on how Fire Emblem Heroes came to be. Matsushita explained that when Nintendo decided to begin developing for smartphones, one of the candidates was Fire Emblem. They’ve been thinking from the beginning about making something that can allow many people to experience Fire Emblem as a strategy RPG.

Niantic CEO John Hanke previously indicated that Pokemon GO’s lore would be expanded in the coming months. However, in an interview with Polygon, senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura mentioned that it isn’t a top priority currently. That’s simply because Niantic is “a very small team and we can only do so much at once.”

Nomura added:

“It’s not like we’re forgetting [about the characters], but it’s just resource-wise, what we are doing next … Do we do multiplayer and gen two versus putting out more narrative?. So far, it’s not being our focus, but we are not leaving it behind. I personally still want to think a lot more stories behind them and narratives.”

Niantic is currently focusing on building new functionality of Pokemon GO. This includes trading as well as other multiplayer features.


Xbox boss Phil Spencer already responded positively to Switch in January. In a new interview with IGN, he provided some additional comments.

“Our relationship with Nintendo is great,” Spencer noted during the latest episode of IGN’s Xbox show Unlocked. He also added that “they’ve done some really innovative work.” Spencer “love[s] the hardware design” and feels that “anytime Nintendo brings a new product to the gaming market it’s good for all of us.”


Gamasutra published a new interview with Damon Baker, head of partner management at Nintendo of America. Baker hosted the company’s Switch Nindies Showcase presentation earlier this week. During the chat, Baker talked about how Nintendo is focusing on quality over quantity and targeting newer games as opposed to ports with smaller developers.

We’ve rounded up some excerpts from the interview below. You can read Gamasutra’s full piece here.

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