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Layton’s Mystery Journey is out worldwide on mobile today. Level-5 is still working on the western version of the 3DS version though, and we’re now one step closer to a final release date.

Level-5 has confirmed that Layton’s Mystery Journey is landing on 3DS sometime in October. Yukari Hayakawa, Chief Operation Officer at Level-5 abby, said that the company is “proud to be a part of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems with the release of this game”.

Source: Level-5 PR

Layton’s Mystery Journey is seeing a worldwide launch on mobile around the world today. In Europe, the game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. More territories are coming soon.

If you can’t wait for the 3DS version, you may want to consider the mobile release. The game will be out on Nintendo’s handheld this fall.

View a video promoting the launch of Layton’s Mystery Journey on mobile below.

MCV recently chatted with Level-5 Abby’s director of games marketing Lucy Pozniak. Pozniak spoke about the upcoming Layton’s Mystery Journey as well as Switch.

First, about the new star Katrielle, Pozniak noted:

“We have a new hero, [Layton’s daughter] Katrielle, who’s opening up her detective agency. In addition, whereas previous titles have had bigger, more overarching story puzzles or a main mystery to solve, this one is broken into 12 chapters and it’s about solving different mysteries within those chapters.”

Layton’s Mystery Journey won’t just be on 3DS. The game is actually debuting on mobile first – July 20 worldwide. However, the experience will ultimately be the same regardless of the device you’re playing on, Pozniak said.

Nintendo has shared the European boxart for Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters. Get a look at the packaging image above.


A bunch of new details and screenshots are in for Layton’s Mystery Journey. Today’s news blast covers episode 3, several characters, and mini-games. Find everything rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu

Episode 03

– An incident occurs at a movie screening where the millionaires of London such as Mayor Fremens and Clerk Gospec have gathered
– The movie being shown at the screening is a spectacle called “Submarine Attack of Love”
– Its synopsis is as follows:

“A number of incidents occur in a luxurious passenger boat boarded by two lovers. At the climax, the pair are in a desperate situation as their boat is sinking. However, it is at that time that their boat suddenly transforms into a submarine. Then they both confirm their love for each other and romantically kiss.”

– Many spectators came to the venue to get a glimpse of the “kiss scene on the most romantic deck” that everyone is talking about
– But in the movie that was screened, the ending came without a kiss scene
– Katrielle, who was visiting the venue, will seek out the criminal who cut and “stole” the kiss scene


– Various characters are suspected of “stealing” the kiss scene in Episode 03
– They are the “Submarine Attack of Love” director, the same movie’s editorial technician, the movie theater’s projection technician, and the hill myna bird kept in the theater’s projection room

Harry Gilmont

– 45 years old, the director of “Submarine Attack of Love”
– Harry was once a low-selling director who only filmed maniac movies
– He became a popular director in recent years; has a passion for movies

Harper Chanploo

– The editorial technician of “Submarine Attack of Love”
– 52 years old
– He is an expert with a considerable amount of experience piled up
– He disagrees with Director Glimont on the direction of the movie

Amon Tread

– The projection technician at Rabbit Star Theater
– 24 years old He has a dull appearance, but is an excellent technician
– He is a machine otaku who especially loves visual equipment and gives a name to each machine

Priske (Hill Myna Bird)

– A hill myna bird that speaks various broken phrases
– He is being kept at the Rabbit Star Theater’s projection room


– “Daily Puzzle Delivery” will return
– This allows the player to download a new puzzle every day for a year following the game’s release

Accessory Shop mini-game

– The goal of the Accessory Shop mini-game is to sell out by placing “wanted items” along the route of the shop interior that customers walk
– From the entrance, the customer will move along the shortest route towards their “wanted item”
– If there are multiple routes of the same distance, the customer will go straight, then turn right
– If there is a “might as well buy this, too” item along that route, they will purchase that as well
– It is good to let customers pass through the front of the selves in order to get a purchase
– You will clear the stage when everything is sold out
– Look at the customer’s information and aim to sell out by skillfully placing the items

Bumpy Labyrinth mini-game

– Lead Katrielle’s human language-speaking dog assistant Sherl to the goal
– With one move, Sherl moves straight ahead until he reaches dead end, so you will adjust the stopping points using the “Bumpy Switches” that lift the labyrinth floors up and down
– If you reach the goal within the set shortest number of movements, you will achieve a “Perfect Clear”
– While you will aim to reach the goal using the required number of movements, there will also be mechanisms such as jumps and arrows that force a certain direction of movement

Latest commercial for The Snack World

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Level-5 is back with another commercial for what it hopes will be its next big hit, The Snack World. You can watch it below.

A new interview has appeared with Level-5’s CEO. Glixel recently spoke with the company’s Akihiro Hino.

Hino had plenty to say about the Layton series, including its success in the west, continued popularity today, and how it came to be in the first place. He also commented on other topics as well. These include how Level-5 is different from other developers and how it has changed as a company, and more.

You can read up on notable excerpts from the interview below. Head on over here for the full interview.

Level-5 has released a couple of live action commercials for The Snack World: Trejarers, which will be released in Japan for 3DS on August 10th:

Layton’s Mystery Journey file size

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Layton’s Mystery Journey can now be pre-loaded on the Japanese 3DS eShop. To do so, you’ll need 5,768 blocks of free space. That translates to 721 MB.


Another new interview is in with Akihiro Hino. This time, GameSpot is the latest outlet to have spoken with the Level-5 CEO. Topics include potentially bringing past projects to Switch, why Katrielle is the new protagonist of the Layton series (and whether or not she’s really Professor Layton’s daughter), and reminiscing on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Find these excerpts from the interview below. You can read GameSpot’s full interview here.

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