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It seems like something Final Fantasy XV-related might be released on the Switch. During a Twitch panel at gamescom, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, said the following:

Dragon Quest I 3DS footage

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In Japan, the very first Dragon Quest game is available on the 3DS eShop. Have a look at some footage below.

Square Enix has announced today that Fear Effect Reinvented will be released on the Switch in 2018. This is a remake of Fear Effect, which was originally released on the PlayStation in 2000. The game is being developed by Sushee, who successfully Kickstarted a new Fear Effect sequel a while back. However, that game, Fear Effect Sedna, is currently not coming to the Switch.

Reinvented aims to keep the spirit of the original game alive by keeping some key features, like the fixed camera angles, but also making sure the game is up to today’s standards with improved visuals and controls.  Watch the trailer for it below:


It wasn’t too long ago that Square Enix announced a new expansion for Dragon Quest X known as The 5,000 Year Journey to the Distant Homeland Online. In the latest issue of Jump, fresh details are revealed.

The expansion’s story involves the past world. Two characters are featured: a knight in black and a mysterious fairy named “Kyururu” who lends his powers to the hero.

The expansion also has a new Druid job from Dragon Quest VII. It specializes at hitting multiple enemies at once, and is characterized by the ability to freely control the power of nature.

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Towards the start of the month, Square Enix delivered its latest financial results. Included with the report was a regular call with investors and analysts.

One person asked if Square Enix will reach its sales target for Dragon Quest XI. Regarding that, the company said:

Square Enix has nailed down a release date for Dragon Quest III on 3DS. In Japan, the classic RPG will launch on August 24.

The first Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II previously arrived yesterday. The two games are priced at 600 yen and 850 yen respectively. For Dragon Quest III, Square Enix is upping the price to 1,500 yen.


Just this past weekend we discussed the strange situation surrounding Dragon Quest XI on Switch. Even though the release on Nintendo’s new console was announced ages ago, Square Enix has yet to show or say anything about this version.

Executive producer Yu Miyake finally broke the silence in an interview with Toyo Keizai. According to Miyake, he explained that it takes time to work on “technical adjustments,” so Square Enix is still in a state in which it can’t speak about a launch date. However, the Switch version is being developed with the intent to release it.

Dragon Quest XI has already shipped on 3DS and PlayStation 4. A western release is planned for 2018, though Square Enix has been keeping quiet on which platforms it will be localizing.


As a way of celebrating Dragon Quest X’s fifth anniversary, Square Enix has created a series of short animations based on “‘miraculous’ stories” submitted by players.

The first video, called “The Feeling of a Name”, is attached below. Gematsu also provides us with the following synopsis:

“The Feeling of a Name” opens as a young girl watches her parents enjoy the in-game fireworks celebration for Dragon Quest X‘s fourth anniversary on August 2, 2016. She quietly points out to her father that it looks like everyone has gathered to celebrate Yukina’s birthday. Yukina is the name of her mother’s character, but in a flashback we learn that she was named after their elder daughter, Yukina, who passed away. A year goes by, and we see the father at a cafe, chatting in Dragon Quest X on his laptop, where it is suggested he proposes to his online friends the idea his daughter mentioned a year prior, unbeknownst to his wife. Finally, on August 2, 2017, the family is gathered once again to watch the in-game fireworks celebration for the game’s fifth anniversary. It is then that everyone viewing the fireworks start to wish Yukina a happy 15th birthday, bringing tears to the surprised mother’s eyes. Had she been alive, Yukina would have turned 15 years old that day.


Prior to its September 21 launch, Square Enix has been hosting a beta for the Switch version of Dragon Quest X in Japan. Watch a ton of footage running on Nintendo’s new console below.

At the Dragon Quest Festival 2017 in Tokyo, Square Enix offered new insight into the game’s creation. The company published images which show how Akira Toriyama was asked to come up with the various designs.

Siliconera translated the various notes, which we’ve included below. Note that spoilers were removed from the description.

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