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With Spelunker Party! coming to Switch today in North America and Europe, Square Enix has released a new video. Watch the “Fun for Everyone” trailer below.

Lost Sphear file size

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Square Enix has launched Lost Sphear in Japan. The RPG can be purchased in stores, though a digital version is being distributed as well. It’s a 2.4GB download, in case you’re curious.

Lost Sphear is still a few months out in the west. It’s planned for January 23 in both North America and Europe.

Source: Switch eShop

Square Enix’s new Secret of Mana remake isn’t currently planned for Switch. That’s somewhat surprising given the company’s support of the console thus far. We also can’t forget that Seiken Densetsu Collection also came out in Japan earlier this year.

Redbull recently spoke with producer Masaru Oyamada, and managed to ask why the remake isn’t in the works for Switch. His answer was fairly sound, in which it was explained that development started before Switch was announced. Though Square Enix can’t immediately say that the game will be on Switch, the company would like “to continue listening to the various requests from our fans.”

GameSpot posted a new video of Lost Sphear on Switch with over 25 minutes of gameplay. The footage, posted below, focuses on dungeon crawling.

After several months of silence, Project Octopath Traveler reappeared during the latest Nintendo Direct. It was one of the big games Nintendo ended up showcasing during the showcase. Even better, a demo was released shortly after the presentation.

The only official release window for Project Octopath Traveler is 2018. However, in a Nintendo UK post, the RPG was recently listed for the more specific Spring 2018.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and that mention is now gone. Nintendo UK wiped “Spring 2018” off of its site completely. In its place is the vague 2018 window. Was it a mistake, or did Nintendo say something it wasn’t supposed to?

Ever since Dragon Quest XI was confirmed for Switch – which was quite a long time ago at this point – we’ve been wondering what sort of game it would be. Many had assumed that it would be based on the PlayStation 4 version, but Square Enix never actually came out with any sort of official word on that front. In fact, we’ve heard almost nothing about the Switch release.

The Unreal Fest East 2017 taking place in Japan today finally offers some notable information. Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii was in attendance, and strongly suggested that the Switch version will be based on the PlayStation 4 edition.

A demo for Spelunker Party! showed up on the Switch eShop today. Have a look at some footage from the download below.

Square Enix has published a demo for Spelunker Party! on the Switch eShop. You can find it in both North America and Europe. Simply boot up the eShop, visit the “Coming Soon” section, and visit the official game page. You should then see an option to download the demo.

The Spelunker Party! demo takes up 363MB of free space. Square Enix will release the full game on October 19.

Source: Switch eShop

Square Enix held a special session for Project Octopath Traveler at the Tokyo Game Show last week. Nothing new was on display as only the demo was shown, but developers were on hand to speak about the game.

Among what was discussed was why it took so long for Project Octopath Traveler to resurface following the announcement in January, where the game is at in terms of development, and more. You can find the full rundown below, courtesy of Reddit’s scottwo.

Japanese Lost Sphear commercial

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Square Enix published a new Japanese commercial for Lost Sphear. Although it’s an early 2018 release in the west, Japan is getting the game on October 12. View the advert below.

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