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Following up on its Japanese release, Lost Sphear arrives on Switch in the west next month. You can see how the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions compare below.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

IGN recently spoke with Final Fantasy IV lead designer and Chrono Trigger director Tokita Takashi for a new interview. Regarding Final Fantasy IV, Takashi spoke about the challenges of implementing many new mechanics and discusses some scenarios that were originally planned for the game. He also weighed in on which Chrono Trigger ending he believes is canon, and how ideas for the cancelled Chrono Break made it into Fantasy Dimensions II.

You can read these responses from Takahashi below. For the full interview, head on over here.

The holidays are here, the Square Enix is celebrating in style. New art was shared on the official Japanese Bravely Default Twitter account today, posted above.

Naturally, fans are already starting to speculate that the Bravely series could be appearing on Switch. We do see Edea Lee with Joy-Con in her hands after all. And perhaps the idea isn’t entirely crazy. After PlatinumGames posted some Bayonetta-themed art during the summer, Bayonetta 1 and 2 were announced for Switch at The Game Awards earlier this month. But for now, the Bravely games coming to Switch is merely speculation.


Last week’s launch of Romancing SaGa 2 on Switch was pretty monumental. It was actually the first time the RPG released outside of Japan on dedicated gaming platforms. It’s mostly the same game as the Super Famicom title, but with a few extras like updated graphics and audio, new character classes, a new dungeon, and New Game+.

Prior to this week’s launch, VG247 caught up with producer Masanori Ichikawa original director Akitoshi Kawazu to talk about Square Enix’s classic. They commented on a variety of topics, including the amount of work involved needed to re-release Romancing SaGa 2, the decision to stick with pixel art as opposed to going the 3D route, and more.

You can read a few excerpts from the interview below. For the full discussion, head on over here.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Dragon Quest Builders is launching on February 9 for Switch in North America and Europe. The eShop and retailers have since followed up.

Over on the European Switch eShop, it’s revealed that Dragon Quest Builders takes up 811MB. It also shows a price point of £39.99.

Two new messages have been shared by the Project Octopath Traveler team. Assistant producer Masaaki Hayasaka and composer Yasunori Nishiki are here to update you on the game’s music.

Below are the messages in full:

Square Enix has provided an update on Project Octopath Traveler, revealing that the team has wrapped up music recording. The news was accompanied by a new video, which we have below.

Nintendo has announced a release date for Dragon Quest Builders on Switch in the west. North America and Europe will both be getting the game on February 9.

It was revealed at Jump Festa this past weekend that Dragon Quest Builders will be available for Switch in Japan on March 1. A demo will be distributed on the Japanese eShop starting February 1.


Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, has spoken quite a bit about Switch as of late. Matsuda recently said that the company is interested in bringing past titles to the system, and noted how it’s “a very attractive and important platform”.

Matsuda had even more to say about Switch in an interview with The Telegraph. First, when asked how Switch has changed how Square Enix looks at developing and designing games, he said:

We have more news about Dragon Quest Builders for Switch, which just received a release date of March 1 in Japan.

First up, here’s a new trailer out of Jump Festa:

Square Enix has also confirmed that a demo for Dragon Quest Builders will go live on the Japanese eShop beginning February 1.

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