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Square Enix

Earlier today, Star Ocean: First Departure R released on the Switch eShop. Find some footage of the RPG in the video below.

Square Enix has sent out a launch trailer for Star Ocean: First Departure R, which is out today on Switch. Watch the video below.

Square Enix has put out a (web) commercial for Star Ocean: First Departure R. Get a look at the advert below.

Square Enix has issued a launch trailer for SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions, which is out now on Switch. We have the video below.

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions is finally out now for Switch in the west. Take a look at some footage showing off Square Enix’s RPG below.

Square Enix today announced its lineup for Jump Festa 2020, which is taking place later this month. Notable games include Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition and Trials of Mana.

Here’s the full lineup:

Dragon Quest Heroes debuted in 2015 before Square Enix came back with a sequel a little over a year later. 2019 is just about over and there’s no news about a third entry, so we’ve been curious to know if the series has a future.

Nintendo Everything recently had a chance to speak with director Tomohiko Sho, and we asked about the possibility of Dragon Quest Heroes III happening at some point. On that front, Sho said:

Romancing SaGa 3 is currently a digital-only title, but that’ll be changing in early 2020. That’s because Square Enix recently announced that a physical version will be made for Asia. Fortunately, it will come with English support and can be played on any Switch system regardless of region.

Play-Asia is now taking pre-orders for the physical version of Romancing SaGa 3 here. Copies should ship in Q1 2020.

The latest Trials of Mana character trailer covers Riesz, the princess of Laurent:

Square Enix is back with the latest character trailer for Trials of Mana. Find a new video focusing on Hawkeye below.