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Were you a fan of the music included in the Project Octopath Traveler demo? If so, you’ll be happy to know about a new release from Square Enix. The company has just launched the Project Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack Preview Version on iTunes.

22 tracks are included. Individual pieces cost $0.69 each, while you can get the full set for $7.99.

Find the Project Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack Preview Version on iTunes here.

Square Enix has announced that the Project Octopath Traveler demo has been downloaded over one million times. Additionally, the survey has recorded more than 45,000 responses.

Today, Square Enix released a brand new video for Project Octopath Traveler in which the developers explain how the game has been improved. These include a fast travel option, graphical adjustments, a radar, UI changes, a skip function for event scenes, and more. We have the full video below.

Lost Sphear finally made its debut in North America and Europe this week. The launch was accompanied by a day one update. Square Enix didn’t really go into the specifics, only stating that it provides “new equipment and artefacts, a new dungeon, the new Moonlight Battleground mode and much more.” Thankfully, the Japanese website has more information.

For Moonlight Battleground, a new NPC “Transcender of Reason” shows up on the Fading Hill after you’ve cleared the game. Speak with him to be able to have rematches against previous bosses. Their strength levels will be adjusted to the player’s levels, so they will offer challenging battles.

A new video from ntower showcases 20 minutes of footage from the final version of Dragon Quest Builders on Switch. Check out the gameplay below.

Square Enix has started doing more with the Mana series in recent years. This has been primarily through remakes, though it now looks like the company is setting its sights in an entirely new entry.

Masaru Oyamada, who is producing the new Secret of Mana remake, recently said that the goal has been to create a new title. Square Enix first wanted to started out with remakes “in order for people who have played the titles to get to know it once again as well as give players who are new to the series an opportunity to experience the game and get everyone up to speed.”

Here’s something that you may not know about Project Octopath Traveler. Francesca Baerald, an artist and cartographer, has a fairly significant role. Square Enix brought her on board to handle the map.

This week, Baerald was kind enough to share the full map shown in Project Octopath Traveler’s reveal trailer from 2017. It was made with watercolor and ink on paper.

Dragon Quest Builders can now be pre-loaded on the Switch eShop. The option is available in both North America and Europe.

If you pre-load, you’ll be ready for launch. Nintendo is letting upcoming players pay for the game in advance and the required data. Doing so will let you begin playing almost immediately upon release.

Dragon Quest Builders launches on February 9. It’s a 811MB download.

Source: Switch eShop

Square Enix will soon be bringing out a remake of Secret of Mana. At least for now, the game won’t be offered on Switch. That doesn’t mean Square Enix isn’t considering it, however.

Producer Masaru Oyamada reiterated to USgamer that development on the Secret of Mana remake began before Switch was announced. Square Enix was later “very surprised to see the amount of demand and feedback we received for a potential Switch version.” Although there are no promises, Oyamada said the team “will make an effort to see what is feasible in the future”.

Dragon Quest XI could have taken an open-world approach. In an interview with DenfaminicoGamer, series creator Yuji Horii said that the idea was considered towards the start of development.

Dragon Quest XI has a little bit of open-world gameplay, but is still based on the franchise’s linear approach. Horii said that some players might have a difficult time understanding what to do next in an open-world, and creating a big story would be difficult.

Here’s the full exchange between Horii and DenfaminicoGamer, as translated by Siliconera:

Lost Sphear is officially available today in the west. To celebrate, Square Enix has released a new trailer. We have the video below.

Make sure to download the day one update for Lost Sphear. It features a number of free upgrades including new equipment and artefacts, a new dungeon, the new Moonlight Battleground mode, and more.

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