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Various retailers around the world are planning a midnight launch for Switch. Among these is GAME, a store based in the UK.

Well over 200 GAME locations will be open to sell Switch units as soon as March 3 rings in. The full listing of participating stores is located here.

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Update (2/16): Embed version is below:

Original (2/15): The next part of Game Informer’s month-long Zelda: Breath of the Wild coverage is now online. Another piece of the magazine’s interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma is shared. For today’s snippet, the two developers talk about storytelling and what we can expect from it in Breath of the Wild. We again get to hear Aonuma tease his “trick” that he used that he had been thinking about for roughly two decades.

The interview can be watched here here. When an embed option is available, we’ll add it in here (probably tomorrow).

The Pokemon Company has announced that a new Pokemon game is in the works for mobile. Splash! Magikarp will be released on iOS and Android this spring in Japan. Select Button is handling development.

On the official teaser site, a newspaper article reports on the appearance of mysterious Magikarp-shaped holes in a peaceful town. The article also has a witness testimony from the fisher who discovered the holes. It goes on to say that an investigation to discover its cause has begun.

You can access the teaser site right here.


Nintendo has a notable goal in mind with Switch: bringing people together. In an interview with The Independent, general producer Yoshiaki Koizumi spoke about wanting to create an experience similar to cards. With cards, people are able to play together and “play eye to eye”. That’s where Switch’s portability aspect comes into play, including the Joy-Con.

Koizumi explained:

“When you have a deck of cards, you can get family and friends together and play games that everyone knows the rules to. It’s very accessible, everyone can sit down and play together, and that became kind of a root for us as we thought about this. For generations, people would play eye to eye as they thought about strategy. We wanted to recreate some of that experience using technology.”

“You need a certain kind of hardware to make that social situation possible. And in the past we’ve had that experience with NES and SNES of having two controllers and it definitely felt like the social experience where your friend would come over to your house and play with you, and so we wanted to make that situation not only more possible, but more visible outside the house, to see people playing together like that. It’s the addition of two controllers from the start that makes creating those things possible.

Of course you could go online and play video games with strangers that you’ve never met before, but something a little bit different is possible here, where you can take the system outside of your house and run into someone you’ve never met before, hand them a controller and start playing right there, and that’s the sort of thing that, when you experience it, makes the other person and yourself very happy.”

Nintendo just posted a new video from its recent Switch event in New York. Take a look at it below.

Nintendo readied another new screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild today. The latest image doesn’t focus on Link, but instead shows off an NPC and a donkey. You can see the screenshot for yourself above.


GameStop is offering a pre-order bonus for LEGO City Undercover on Switch. If you reserve the game, you’ll get a LEGO City Police Helicopter. It features “spinning rotors and a pilot mini figure.”

LEGO City Undercover can be pre-ordered at GameStop here. The bonus offer should be valid in stores as well.

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As the countdown to Switch’s launch gets closer, retailers are now beginning to set up displays. Units are beginning to show up at Best Buy locations, for instance.

Sadly, these displays aren’t actually playable, as they only show trailers on a loop. You can at least pick which video to be shown. Plus, this only helps to promote Switch to the wider public in the end.



Nintendo has long been touting Switch as being compatible with Unreal Engine 4. Epic Games prepared a new update for the technology today, which makes it official.

Unreal Engine 4.15 adds “early support” for creating Switch titles. Epic Games does say though that it’s “still considered experimental in this release.” For the next release, it’s planned to be “in a shippable state”.


Capcom TV aired its latest episode today, and there was quite a lot for Nintendo fans. For one thing, Ultra Street Fighter II was shown in-depth, and we’re able to get a look at the new first-person mode. Tons of Monster Hunter XX footage was on display as well, including the latest trailer. You can catch it all in the video below.

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