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Bill Trinen

Bill Trinen is the latest notable Nintendo staffer to have offered up a couple of comments on the passing of Satoru Iwata. Have a look at what he said on Twitter below.


Nintendo’s own Bill Trinen will be participating in a Smash Bros. tournament at EVO 2015. Trinen’s starting pool is D46, which can be viewed in full here.

Trinen officially confirmed his participation for EVO 2015 through the following Twitter message:

EVO 2015 is happening tween July 17 and July 19. Trinen will be one of nearly 2,000 gamers taking part in the Smash Bros. Wii U tournament.


Update: Well, it looks like @trintran is a master troll. He was joking, folks! Bill is still at Nintendo.

Longtime Nintendo employee Bill Trinen has apparently left the company. His Twitter profile states that he “used to work at Nintendo”, and Trinen also sent out the following tweet:


The people over at Technobubble recently had a chance to interview Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen, and asked him about some pretty interesting subjects! Read on to hear Bill Trinen talk about all things Nintendo!

Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen has taken over the company’s Twitter account for a short while to answer questions about amiibo. We’re collecting all of his comments below.

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen recently spoke about the amiibo name while talking with TIME. Sadly, the exact origins are unknown.

Trinen told TIME that “amiibo” started in Japan. The “amii” part is associated with the sentiment of a friend in Japan, though the name as a whole seems to be a slight mystery.

Trinen said:

They came up with the name in Japan, and the ‘amii’ portion comes from a little something in Japanese that conveys the sentiment of friend, of playing with your friend. That’s what they’re really trying to convey with it. I think for us it sounds a little like amigo. That’s not the origin of the name, but it conveys the intent.


Last week, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime took over the company’s Twitter account and answered a few fan questions (while also giving a photo tour of Nintendo World). Bill Trinen is now getting in on the Twitter festivities as well. He’ll be hosting a Q&A this Thursday at 9 AM PT.


The Nintendo Treehouse has been around for plenty of years, and is one of the main reasons why games are localized from the Big N these days. But there are plenty of different departments inside such as the marketing support team and brand management/Pokemon team.

Bill Trinen, Nintendo of America’s director of product marketing, recently spoke with Siliconera about the different divisions at Nintendo Treehouse as well as the team as a whole. He also discussed his origins with the company and shared a tiny bit about Shigeru Miyamoto.

Check out Trinen’s comments below.

Nintendo of America product marketing manager Bill Trinen has issued some lengthy remarks regarding the situation surrounding gay marriage in Tomodachi Life.

You may remember reports that had surfaced from Japan about players being able to partake in same-sex relationships. This resulted from two scenarios: a data leak and players dressing up their Mii characters as males even though their gender was female.

The former scenario was caused by a free tool on the 3DS eShop which allows players to transfer Mii characters from the original DS game. Nintendo eventually patched the bug, though it’s obviously still possible “to create a male version of a Mii character and assign their gender as female.”

Trinen says that there have been some misconceptions in the west, but in Japan, there was no confusion. He also mentioned that Nintendo must “try to find what’s the best way to create this experience and really have a fun and entertaining experience.”

You can find all of Trinen’s comments below.

Nintendo is changing Tomodachi Life for its western release. There aren’t many drastic overhauls, but there are some modifications in place to better suit the game’s new audience.

As for what’s changed, Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen told GameSpot:

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