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Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive has shared the first screenshots from the Inside Out Play Set that will be available for Disney Infinity 3.0. Additionally, we have a first look at the related figures as well. Hit the gallery below for all of today’s photos.

Game Informer’s latest feature on Disney Infinity 3.0 gives us a look at the game’s animation. In the video below, animation department boss Gavan Knowlton discusses the process of studying/animating classic characters from the Disney universe.


Family Gamer TV uploaded a couple of additional videos pertaining to Disney Infinity 3.0. Between the two, we’re able to see some footage from the Twilight of the Republic Play Set, and the Star Wars figures. Both videos can be seen below.

Disney Interactive released several new screenshots from Disney Infinity 3.0, which show off the Twilight of the Republic Play Set. Take a look at them below.

Family Gamer TV’s latest Disney Infinity 3.0 video gives us another look at the Toy Box Speedway. In addition to the Sugar Rush track, we also have footage of the hub world. Take a look below:

Family Gamer TV has shared a look at some upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 figures. Specifically, Olaf, Mickey, Minnie, Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Mulan are featured. You can get a look at them in the video below.

Family Gamer TV has uploaded a couple of additional videos for Disney Infinity 3.0. The latest off-screen gameplay can be found below.

Family Gamer TV has shared a few minutes of footage from Disney Infinity 3.0’s Toy Box Speedway. Watch it below.

Game Informer published an extensive interview with John Vignocchi from Disney Interactive. In addition to talk about the company’s gaming approach within Disney, he also touches on how things are managed to fuel the Infinity brand. Check out the interview below.


Game Informer has posted another video of Disney Infinity 3.0. This time around, we get a look at the Star Wars space battles. View the video below.