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Drawn to Life: Two Realms

505 Games has made Drawn to Life: Two Realms official. It is being developed by Digital Continue rather than the defunct 5th Cell, though the title is said to be “brought to life by many of the original developers,” including over fifty new music tracks from the original franchise composer, a 2D world from the renowned original sprite artist, and continued story presented by the original executive producer of Drawn to Life as well as and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

505 Games president Neil Ralley said in today’s announcement that the company is “unearthing the beloved and groundbreaking Drawn to Life franchise with a new version created for a new generation of gamers and platforms.” He added: “It’s been over a decade since the previous title so we can’t wait for new players and long-time fans to get their hands on Drawn to Life: Two Realms just in time for the holidays – the perfect opportunity for older fans with families to share an old favorite with their kids.”

Here’s an overview of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, along with the official trailer in English:

Drawn To Life: Two Realms was recently leaked for Switch through a rating from Taiwan. The leaks continue today, as the debut trailer has come online ahead of the official announcement.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms is an entirely new entry in the series. It’s also confirmed to be launching on December 7, meaning it’s just a month out.

Here’s the trailer:

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THQ and 5th Cell created the action-adventure series Drawn to Life in 2007. It was followed by a sequel known as Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, not to mention the spinoff Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition.

After THQ originally shut down, 505 Games acquired the IP rights. 505 hasn’t done much with the franchise, but it looks like that’s finally about to change.

Over in Taiwan, a new rating just surfaced for Drawn to Life: Two Realms. 505 Games is naturally confirmed as publisher, and the listing offers up the following description: