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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released a bit more info on Cindered Shadows, the final piece of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As was previously mentioned, the Cindered Shadows side story will be structured differently from the game’s main story – there is no calendar system in place and players will use a fixed stable of characters, including all three house leaders. As such, players will have a bit less freedom when it comes to customizing their characters. In Cindered Shadows, each character has a set number of classes they can choose from, but they can’t learn any new ones. The same applies to abilities – each character has a set number of them to choose from. The reasoning for this change is that the battles in this DLC are intended to be more like difficult puzzles, and players will have to figure out how to best tackle these problems with the tools they’ve been given.

The Cindered Shadows DLC will be available on February 13.


The latest Twitter update has introduced us to another new character: Alphard (voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa), a member of the Church of Seiros who is responsible for overseeing the Abyss. The place used to be plagued by famine and criminality, but thanks to him, it is now in a state of relative peace and order.

He’s described as a calm and compassionate individual, who managed to earn the trust of the denizens of the Abyss, despite their distrust of the Church. He is the one who pushed for the creation of the Ashen Wolves house.

You can see a video of Alphard interacting with the player here in the original tweet here:

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The latest character for Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows was introduced on the series’ official Japanese Twitter account today. We have a brief bio for Hapi, who is part of Ashen Wolves.

Here’s the rundown on Hapi, courtesy of SatsumaFS:

Nintendo has published another character introduction for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows DLC. For today’s update, we have information regarding Balthus, including a video.

A member of the Ashen Wolves, Balthus (voiced by Subaru Kimura), is a rather rowdy and careless fellow from the Alliance who styles himself “Fighting King of Leicester”. He ended up hiding in the Abyss after being chased by evil people. He goes after intruders in order to protect the people who live in the Abyss.

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Nintendo has published another character introduction for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows DLC. For today’s update, we have information regarding Constance.

Here’s her bio, courtesy of SatsumaFS:

Nintendo is continuing to share information about Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Cindered Shadows DLC. This time around, we have an introduction to Yuri, who is voiced by Enoki Junya in the Japanese version.

Here’s his brief bio (thanks to SatsumaFS):

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems shared a few more details about the upcoming Cindered Shadows DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Twitter today. As we previously reported, Cindered Shadows will be a Side Story separate from the game’s main story, and you will use a set team of characters. Now, we know exactly which characters you’ll be able to use:

  • Byleth
  • the three house leaders: Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude
  • one representative from each house: Linhardt, Ashe and Hilda
  • the four new characters from the Ashen Wolves house: Balthus, Yuri, Hapi and Constance

Main character designer Chinatsu Kurahana also created new full-body artwork for Linhardt, Ashe and Hilda, which you can see below here:



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Nintendo has issued a bunch of screenshots and art for Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows, the game’s upcoming story DLC. We’ve collected the various images in the gallery below.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows launches on February 12 in North America and February 13 in Europe. Learn more about the DLC here.

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that the final piece of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, called Cindered Shadows, would be launching on February 13. As previously revealed, it’ll feature new characters from the Ashen Wolves house and a new area below Garreg Mach Monastery called the Abyss. Today, Nintendo revealed a bit more about the DLC on their Japanese Topic website

As it turns out, once you’ve downloaded the DLC, it can be accessed via a new Side Story option in the main menu. As such, this Side Story will be on a different save data than the one used for the main adventure. The gameplay flow will also be different and it seems like it won’t use the calendar system used in the main story. Instead, you’ll fight battles using pre-determined squads of characters. This explains a scene in the reveal trailer which shows Edelgard and Hilda fighting on the same side, which normally isn’t possible. Apparently, the maps in Cindered Shadows will also make use of a variety of gimmicks.

However, this piece of DLC won’t be completely separate from the main story. Once you beat the Side Story, you’ll be able to recruit the four new characters Balthus, Yuri, Hapi and Constance in the game’s main story.

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