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A new report from Famitsu provides concrete details about the combat system in The Legend of Legacy. We’ve rounded up some details from Gematsu’s translation below.

– Enemies appear on dungeon maps
– Roam them and bumping into them triggers turn-based combat encounters
– The game uses spirits and magic to set itself apart from other RPGs
– Form contracts with spirits during battle to use elemental techniques known as “Spirit Arts”
– With their continued usage, strengthens spirits of the same element, as well as the corresponding Spirit Arts
– 4 element types: water (blue), wind (green), fire (red), and dark (purple)
– The balance of power between these four elements, which is displayed on the lower screen, changes over the course of battle as Spirit Arts are used
– Enemies can use Spirit Arts as well
– Therefore careful consideration of what elements are in play must be made in order to remain on top
– Good manipulation of the system is said to also make it possible for players to take out enemies that would otherwise be way out of their league, making elemental manipulation a major priority during fights
– “Implore”: form a contract with a water spirit
– After a special cutscene plays, water element Spirit Arts are unlocked for use in the fight
– The Spirit Arts that are unlocked through this process depend on the type of Spirit Vessel currently equipped
– Ex: the contract allows the water element Spirit Art “Splash Wall” to be used, which, in accordance with the name, erects a wall of water in front of the party, automatically protecting the party from enemy attacks, enabling everyone to focus purely on offense for the duration of it


FuRyu released the first image from Terra Formars: Fierce Battle on the Crimson Planet today. You’ll find it attached above. Check out the game’s teaser site here.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 6.27.20 AM

The 46th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine is announcing that Yu Sausuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s manga Terraformars manga has inspired a new 3DS game that will be releasing in Japan next spring.
FuRyu (Unchained Blades, Exstetra, Hamatora: Look at Smoking World, To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy, The Legend of Legacy) will be developing the tittle under the name Terraformars: Akaki Hoshi no Gekit? (Fierce Battle on the Crimson Planet).
In the game control Sh?kichi and the other humans as they fight the Terraformar swarms on Mars.
The game will cost 5,980 yen (approximately $55 USD).

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