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Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen PlatinumGames show continued interest in The Wonderful 101 and possibly revisiting the title on Switch. Unsurprisingly, that hasn’t changed.

PlatinumGames boss Atsushi Inaba again spoke about the company’s love for The Wonderful 101 in an interview with VGC. He also said that the studio has “done a lot of intel gathering and the only thing that I can say right now is that I’m glad we did.”

Astral Chain features five Legions that can be used in battle. Sword, Arrow, Arm, Beast and Axe variations exist in the game.

In a blog post, animator Marumi Nakajo shared more about Astral Chain’s Legions. Continue on below for a look at early concepts and more.

Nintendo has posted a lengthy, 10-minute trailer for PlatinumGames’ new Switch action game Astral Chain. Get a look at the video below.

What we’ve mostly seen of Astral Chain has been advertised as a single-player experience. However, there is actually a two-player mode of sorts included.

If you detach the Joy-Con, one controller will have the controls for the cop and the second will be for the Legion – which is connected by a chain. This is the only way in which two people can play together during the dual combat sequences.

PlatinumGames has revealed some rather interesting origins for Astral Chain. According to director Takahisa Taura, the original plan was to make a fantasy game where players would use magic.

Taura told Polygon at E3 2019 last week:

Nintendo has uploaded a new Astral Chain video featuring director Takahisa Taura. Below, Taura shares three things fans may not have known about the game.

Nintendo has now opened the Japanese website for Astral Chain, which has a bunch of videos clips spread out. For those that would prefer to watch the gameplay easily, we’ve rounded up the footage below.

Astral Chain had a second segment today on Nintendo Treehouse at Live E3 2019 with another round of gameplay. Check out the full recording below.

One of the games we could have possibly seen during this week’s Nintendo Direct was Bayonetta 3. In the end though, the title didn’t appear. We also haven’t heard anything about it since the original announcement at The Game Awards 2017.

Despite the silence, PlatinumGames studio head Atsushi Inaba told VGC that “development is actually going quite well.” When asked if Bayonetta 3’s absence at E3 2019, Inaba said:

In Europe, Nintendo has revealed that it will offer the Astral Chain Collector’s Edition. It includes the game, sound selection CD, art book, and special art board. We have a look at the full contents above.