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Sol Cresta

Platinum Games has released some footage of the DLC coming to Sol Cresta later this year. This footage is a handpicked scenario by director Hideki Kamiya and it shows off some battles with enemies and a boss. 

Check out the full video below.

Sol Cresta comes to Switch on December 9, 2021. 


PlatinumGames appeared at BitSummit today with news on Sol Cresta, including the final release date and announcement of DLC. The game will launch on December 9. PlatinumGames intended to have Sol Cresta ready for this year, and it looks like the company will be able to deliver on that front.

In other news, the “Sol Cresta Dramatic DLC” with a story written by Sol Cresta creative director Hideki Kamiya is planned for launch. It will add a new, voiced story mode. PlatinumGames “will continue to announce details about the DLC as they come”.

Below are a few screenshots of the DLC:

Today, PlatinumGames shared the very first gameplay of its shoot ’em up Sol Cresta during its SuperSummer Festival live stream. While trailers have been published previously, this is our first proper look at the project in action.

The full recording for the PlatinumGames is now available. You can see the gameplay for Sol Cresta starting at the 1:22:01 mark below showing off the first level.

PlatinumGames has announced SuperSummer Festival, a new event where it will share information about a trio of titles. The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Sol Cresta, and World of Demons will all be covered. The first two titles mentioned are Switch games.

Here’s where you can watch the live stream:

PlatinumGames has shared a new gameplay trailer for Sol Cresta, its upcoming shoot ’em up title for Switch. Watch it below.

Sol Cresta will debut later in 2021.

Following yesterday’s Sol Cresta announcement from PlatinumGames, the title now has a release window. The shoot ’em up game will launch on Switch in 2021, the studio has confirmed.

Additionally, based on a tweet from Platinum, Sol Cresta will be a digital download only.

You can find the trailer for Sol Cresta here.


At this time last year, PlatinumGames “announced” Sol Cresta, which many assumed was an April Fools’ Day joke. The same game has now returned and it turns out that the project is moving forward.

Sol Cresta is a shoot ’em up title for Switch modeled after Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta. It will also be the first part of the new “Neo Classic Arcade” series in collaboration with Hamster.

Here’s the first trailer: