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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Flabébé Floette Florges

Niantic has announced a new Valentine’s Day 2022 event for Pokemon GO, featuring the debuts of Flabébé, Floette, and Florges. It will go live on Thursday, February 10, 2022, at 10 AM local time.

Below are the full details on the upcoming event:

Pokemon GO February 2022 Community Day

Niantic has provided the latest news about Pokemon GO and shared information about the Community Day for February 2022, which features Hoppip.

Hoppip will be showing up more frequently in the wild, and if you’re lucky enough, a Shiny variant may appear. Those that evolve Skiploom (Hoppip’s Evolution) during the event or up to two hours afterward will receive a Jumpluff that knows the Charged Attack Acrobatics.

Pokemon GO Helioptile

Niantic has announced that the next event in the Season of Heritage for Pokemon GO will take place on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 10 AM to Tuesday, February 1, 2022, at 10 AM local time, with Helioptile and Heliolisk making their debuts.

Power Plant is the upcoming event for the mobile game and includes the next step in Spark’s journey in the Season of Heritage story. It’s inspired by the power plants found in the Kanto and Kalos, and lets players get involved with the following features:

snorlax pokemon go

Los Angeles police officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell have been fired for “willfully abdicating their duty to assist a commanding officer’s response to a robbery in progress and playing a Pokemon mobile game while on duty.”

That game is, of course, Pokemon GO. All sorts of bizarre and crazy stories have come about relating to the mobile experience since it launched in 2016, but we haven’t quite seen something on this level.

Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl will be making its first appearance in Pokemon GO, Niantic revealed today.

The company is gearing up for a new Mountains of Power event, which continues the Season of Heritage. Niantic teases: “Spark’s intuition leads him to believe that the mysterious door’s second mechanism requires the help of Rock- and Steel-type Pokémon to unlock it. Journey through terrain reminiscent of the mountains found in regions like Johto and Sinnoh, and work with Spark to unlock the next mechanism!”

Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Classic Community Day

Niantic has announced a special Community Day Classic for Pokemon GO that will feature Bulbasaur. This is being held during the Season of Heritage.

During the event, you’ll have a higher chance of encountering Bulbsaur. And if you’re lucky enough, you may encounter a Shiny version. Those that evolve Ivysaur (Bulbasaur’s Evolution) during the Community Day or up to two hours afterward will receive a Venusaur that knows the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.

Pokemon GO 2022 New Year's event

Pokemon GO will soon be celebrating 2022 with a special New Year’s event. Various activities and promotions are planned. There’ll be Pokemon wearing new costumes, themed avatar items, the return of some familiar Pokemon wearing party hats, and a Shiny Pokemon appearing for the first time in the game.

That Shiny Pokemon in question is Hoothoot, who will show up if you’re lucky enough. The creature will also appear as noncostumed Shiny Hoothoot after the event ends.

Pokemon GO January 2022 Community Day

We’ve got first details about the January 2022 Community Day for Pokemon GO, which puts the focus on Spheal. The event is planned for January 16 between 11 AM and 5 PM local time.

Spheal will be appearing more frequently in the wild while the Community Day is taking place. If you’re lucky enough, you could encounter a Shiny version. You can evolve Sealeo (Spheal’s Evolution) during the event or up to two hours afterward to receive a Walrein that knows the Charged Attack Icicle Spear and Fast Attack Powder Snow. Icicle Spear, appearing in Pokemon GO for the first time, is a low-energy Charged Attack that has 60 damage in both Trainer battles as well as Gyms and raids.

Pokemon GO Tour Johto

Niantic has detailed a new event for Pokemon GO known as Pokemon GO Tour: Johto. It will be comprised of two events – a global one on Saturday, February 26, 2022 as well as in-person happenings in select cities on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

During the event, players will have a chance to get involved with Johto region exclusive Pokemon in the wild, eggs, raids, and research tasks encounters, as well as in-game bonuses. Fans can also purchase a ticket to participate in the Pokemon GO Tour: Johto ticked experience – choosing between Gold and Silver – with version-exclusive Pokemon.

Below are the full event details for Pokemon GO Tour: Johto

pokemon go Season of Heritage

It’s a big day for Niantic as the company has announced its Pokemon GO December 2021 highlights and a new Season of Heritage to wrap up 2021 and welcome 2022, including new raids and community events.

Here’s the full rundown:

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