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Pokemon GO

As of late, Pokemon GO apps and websites used to track creatures in the game have shut down. Some outlets such as Poke Hound have received cease and desist letters, forcing them to close.

Another popular (and free) tracker is Pokevision. By using the website, players could see where creatures would spawn, and for how long. But with the new Pokemon GO update issued yesterday, Pokevision can no longer be used, and the site’s Twitter account only has this to say thus far:

It’s unclear if Pokevision will ever return. With Niantic sending cease and desist letters, it may end up being permanent.

It’s also worth considering the situation from Niantic’s site. With Ingress, the company’s last game, similar services placed a huge burden on the servers. That could be one of many reasons as to why Niantic has been going after Pokemon trackers.


Pokemon GO Plus was supposed to be out towards the end of this month. Unfortunately, a delay for the app accessory was announced earlier in the week. It will now arrive in September instead.

Speaking with Polygon, Nintendo provided an official statement about the delay. The company said that the extra time is being used to optimize Pokemon GO Plus, allowing for “new experiences” that offer “a quality level high enough to satisfy as many people as possible”.

Nintendo’s full statement reads:

Update: Pokemon GO version 1.1.0 is live on iOS.

A new update for Pokemon GO is starting to make the rounds. We’re hearing that version 0.31.0 is already out for Android players, meaning it shouldn’t be very long before iOS users can download the patch as well.

With the update, Niantic has finally addressed the very troublesome three-step glitch by removing the steps entirely. It also offers new customization options for avatars, adjusted battle damage, and more.

Head past the break for the full patch notes.

Pokemon GO has been updated, but only on the server side. Although there’s no new patch to download, Niantic has implemented some changes on its own end.

Serebii reports that some PokeStops and gyms have been removed. Niantic has also altered various Pokemon spawns, meaning if you found an Onix common in one area, you’d now find Doduo. Damage inflicted by moves has also been modified. Apparently, a bunch of moves have been boosted and some have been nerfed a bit.


Pokemon GO is generating $10 million across iOS and Google Play each day, App Annie reports.

That’s just one tidbit from the market researcher’s latest report. It also goes into detail about other topics, such as how Pokemon GO is impacting other mobile apps. Based on App Annie’s data, Pokemon GO “has not had a sustained and meaningful impact on the daily revenue of other games on iOS and Google Play”, and there have not been “any meaningful declines in daily revenue for top-grossing games”.

App Annie views Pokemon GO as a positive element of expanding the mobile market. Not only has it “introduced and popularized the concept of AR”, but businesses are now starting to learn about the value of AR as in-game Lure Modules to boost foot traffic as well as consumer spend.

You can read up on App Annie’s full piece here.

Yesterday, Forbes published an interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke. It covered Hanke’s early days with gaming, working at Keyhold, and eventually starting Niantic.

The middle part of the interview is where the discussion becomes interesting for Pokemon GO plans. Hanke talked about the game’s success thus far, cheating (some of “those things may not work in the future”), server issues, and other topics.

We’ve rounded up some of Hanke’s comments below. You can read Forbes’ full interview here.

Region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO is something that we’ve touched on before. It’s been thought that Taurus only appears to be found in the wild in North America, and Mr. Mime is only in Europe. Let’s also not forget about Farfetch’d in Asia and Kangaskhan in Australia. But here’s the thing: it looks these Pokemon can be obtained through other means.

BBC News spoke with someone who caught 142 Pokemon available in the wild in the UK, along with Taurus. Eurogamer also was in contact with California’s John Smith (Oninous Gaming on YouTube) who claims he was the first to catch all 145. With Smith, he said he needed to walk about 200km to collect everything, and hatch all the region-exclusive Pokemon from 10km eggs.


Pokemon GO

Getting to Pokemon GO’s level cap of 40 is no easy feat. A whole lot of experience is needed to advance after level 30, and between levels 39 and 40, you’ll need five million points.

One Pokemon GO player decided to see what would happen after you reach that far-away mark. Reddit’s “name _problemz” used a bot to hit level 40, but found that nothing extra special happens. The game does give out several items though, including 40 Ultra Balls, Max Potions, Max Revives, Razz Berries, plus four Incense, Lucky Eggs, Incubators and Lure Modules.

The Master Ball does exist in Pokemon GO’s code. You just can’t obtain one by making it to level 40.

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Pokemon GO Plus has been pushed back to September, Nintendo has announced. The news applies to all regions – North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

The last we heard, Pokemon GO Plus was planned for release at the end of this month. Nintendo did not say why the device has been pushed back.

The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Pokemon GO. Check it out below.


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