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Pokemon GO

Pre-orders for Pokemon GO Plus went up around E3 time, including the Nintendo UK store. But just like in North America, they sold out fairly quickly. They are at least back up again here.

If you’re in the U.S., there unfortunately aren’t really any options at the moment. Amazon and GameStop both sold out of pre-orders quickly. We’ll let you know if they do happen to return.

We’ll also mention that the Nintendo UK listing says Pokemon GO Plus will be delivered by August 31. This may be a second shipment for the game, hence the later date.

Gizmodo has some new information about plans for Pokemon GO and McDonald’s. The details have not yet been officially announced, but has managed to get a hold of some tidbits from a source.

Pokemon GO will apparently have a sponsorship with McDonald’s in an unspecified Asian country. Gizmodo claims that all restaurants in the region will either be a PokeStop or a Gym.


It’s now possible to submit submit new PokeStop and Gym requests for Pokemon GO. Niantic opened an official form on the app’s support site″>here. Along with submitting new requests, interested parties can also ask to have a location removed.

Pokemon GO has managed to leap over another set of popular apps. According to SimilarWeb, it’s now surpassed Pandora, Twitter, Netflix, Hangouts and Spotify for daily use in the United States. The report goes on to speculate that Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other popular social apps will be next based on Pokemon GO’s performance.

On July 11, 5.9 percent of all Android owners in the U.S. used Pokemon GO. That’s 46 percent more than the 4.1 percent who used the Twitter app on the same day.

Going back to game-specific talk, Pokemon GO is above Candy Crush Saga (8.7 percent) and Clash of Clans (5.2 percent) on installs at the moment. It also has a larger reach than Viber, LinkedIn, ESPN, iFunny, Lyft,, and Tinder.


Macquarie Capital Securities analyst David Gibson has issued a new report about Pokemon GO. In it, Gibson mentions reconfirms that it’s the biggest mobile game ever in the United States, and is on track as the country’s first $4 billion mobile game annually.

Gibson also shared a bit of news about Pokemon GO in certain Asian countries. The game may launch in Japan on Friday ahead of an Ingress event the following day. Pokemon GO may not head to China, South Korea, and Taiwan due to “restrictions on the usage of Google Maps.”


Pokemon GO’s steady worldwide release is continuing – yesterday the game was released in Germany and today the game was finally made available in the UK. Pokemon GO can be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Amazon Japan briefly listed the Pokemon GO Plus accessory with a release date of July 29, although the page was pulled later in the day. Though Amazon, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company all refused to comment, this does line up with the E3 reveal of the device, where it was planned to release before the end of July. Keep in mind that even if the release date is true, that may still only be for Japan.



Pokemon GO is a huge hit and all thus far, but are you curious as to how the app actually works? In a new video, Digital Foundry dives a bit into the technical aspects with GPS tracking, augmented reality, and Google Maps’ huge database coming together. Watch it below.

We heard yesterday that Niantic is looking into sponsored locations for Pokemon GO. Based on what folks have found after digging through the game’s code, McDonald’s may be up first. Australian student Manu Gill came across a reference to the fast food restaurant, while Redditor KcYoung discovered the actual logo.

Aside from McDonald’s, a few other interesting elements are buried within Pokemon GO’s code. This includes legendary monsters, a trading system, four additional types of berries and incense, an item called “sweet honey,” and natures like “stoic” and “raider”. Only time will tell what it all means!

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First there was a Splatoon rip-off. Then there was a Smash Bros. clone. Pokemon GO is now the latest Nintendo-related game to have seen a different take from China.

When you search for Pokemon GO on the App Store in China, “City Elves Go” is the first thing that pops up. The game, which is at the top of the charts, obviously takes quite a bit of inspiration from Pokemon GO.

Much like Pokemon GO, City Elves Go has creatures appearing in real world locations. Players need to visit different areas to catch them. It doesn’t feature augmented reality, though.

The team behind City Elves Go says it didn’t “consider any factors from Pokémon Go” when creating the game.

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