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Pokemon Sun

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were featured with some new footage at the Pokemon National Championships in Hong Kong today. Aside from showing the Professor Kukui/Rockruff clip from Pokenchi, Rockruff and Komala were shown battling.

At the moment, only an off-screen recording has been posted online, which we have below. If an official upload comes in, we’ll update this post.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were shown during this week’s episode of Pokenchi. There wasn’t anything overly substantial shown in terms of new content, though we did get another look at Professor Kukui and his Rockruff via a video chat clip. That can be viewed below.

The Japanese Pokemon Sun/Moon website has been updated with more screenshots and art from the two games. We’ve rounded up the images below.


The Pokemon Company has now sent out an official announcement about today’s news pertaining to new Pokemon featured in Sun/Moon.

First, we have the following art:

And here’s the lineup of Pokemon:

Name: Tapu Koko

Type: Electric/Fairy

Tapu Koko is the guardian deity of Melemele Island, one of the islands of the Alola region. Tapu Koko’s Ability is Electric Surge, an Ability which has never been seen before. The Electric Surge Ability fills the field around the Pokémon’s feet with electricity when it appears, raising the power of any Electric-type moves for Pokémon on the ground and preventing any Pokémon from falling asleep.

Name: Charjabug

Type: Bug/Electric

Charjabug is the first Evolution of Grubbin, a new Alola region Pokémon revealed last month. Charjabug’s Battery Ability allows it to raise the power of allies’ special moves.

Along with newly-revealed Pokemon, a returning feature has been confirmed for Sun/Moon. We now know that it will be possible to ride Pokemon in the two games. You can see how this looks in Sun/Moon through the screenshot above.

Here are a couple of other random screenshots shared today:



Yesterday, seven new Pokemon leaked for Pokemon Sun/Moon. That prompted The Pokemon Company to release a new trailer for the game showing each creature officially. We now have the English equivalent of the video, posted below.

Originally we were supposed to get new Pokemon Sun & Moon information tomorrow – however, some leaks happened today and it looks like they force The Pokemon Company’s hand. Either way, take a look at this brand new Japanese trailer:

This confirms the leaked Pokemon and also reveals their typings:

Tapu Koko: Electric / Fairy

Charjabug: Bug / Electric

Vikavolt (confirmed to be Charjabug’s evolution): Bug / Electric

Drampa: Normal / Dragon

Bruxfish: Water / Psychic

Cutiefly: Bug / Fairy

Togedamaru: Electric / Steel

Finally, the trailer reveals that, like 10% Zygarde, 50% Zygarde (the one originally found in X & Y) has an ability that lets it transform into 100% Zygarde in a pinch.

Update: Several Youtube channels have saved and re-uploaded the original videos. This also gave us what are presumably the English names of these Pokemon. We’ve put them past the break.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon appear to have suffered from a potentially big leak. While not officially confirmed, now-removed video clips show what appear to be a bunch of new Pokemon. Since this does seem legitimate and falls under spoiler territory, we’ve posted the gallery showing the new creatures after the break.

Japan’s Pokemon variety show Pokenchi is set to feature Pokemon Sun/Moon on July 3 (July 2 in the west). A video for the two games will be shown, and information on new Pokemon will be shared. There’s a chance that Pokenchi will only have content that debuted at E3 as well as what’s coming on July 1 and through CoroCoro, but it might be worth keeping an eye on just in any case.


Two New 3DS XL models were recently announced for Japan. Nintendo has announced that one of them, the Solgaleo and Lunala Limited Edition unit, is heading to Europe. It’ll be launching this November.

Nintendo announced through Twitter:

Additionally, Pokemon Sun/Moon – Fan Editions will launch across Europe on November 23.


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