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Rhythm Heaven

The Rhythm Heaven series has been dormant for a few years now. But if Rhythm Heaven series composer Tsunku has his way, he’d eventually get a new entry on Switch.

Tsunku said that he wants a new game on the console. Additionally, he’d like for fans to be more vocal to Nintendo about making it happen. He feels Rhythm Heaven and Switch are a good match since you can play it both alone or together with family and friends.

The last Rhythm Heaven game was Rhythm Heaven Megamix. That game came out in Japan in 2015, followed by the west in 2016.

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Eurogamer published a meaty interview with longtime Metroid developer Yoshio Sakamoto. There was plenty of talk about Samus Returns, including the amiibo support and two different hard modes. Sakamoto also weighed in on the series’ future and more. Elsewhere, he also seemed to shoot down recent rumors that the Rhythm Heaven franchise is dead.

We’ve rounded up the notable comments from Sakamoto below. You can find even more on Eurogamer here.

We have another look at the Pokemon and Rhythm Heaven 3DS themes that have arrived in Japan over the past couple of weeks. Take a look at the latest footage below.

Highlighting the best soundtracks on the Nintendo DS might just be my favourite entry in our month-long series of DS-related articles. Not because it’s easy to write about soundtracks after dropping music class in high school, but because it turned me on to all the best music on the console. Shout-outs are in order to whoever put down the DS game adaptation of the animated movie Robots, which is the only thing more forgettable than the movie itself. The soundtrack, however, happens to be this amazing synth pop score, which turned out to be composed by the developer of Escape Goat! Well anyway, Robots didn’t come remotely close to making the list, but here are the DS soundtracks that did:

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