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Out of nowhere, DrinkBox brought Severed to the Switch eShop this week. It’s one of just a few games on the system that can only be played in portable mode. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Severed was designed for touchscreen play.

Interestingly, DrinkBox did toss around the possibility of including motion controls. A studio representative told IGN that “experiments” were done with motion controls, but the team was “really unhappy with the results.” That’s why Severed is ultimately a handheld-only game on Switch.

DrinkBox said:

“Severed was initially designed as a touch-screen game. We did do some experiments with motion controls early on in development, but were really unhappy with the results. For the experience to work well, players need to swipe with precision, and need to be able to see what they are touching. Even simple things like slashing specific pots to break them can become extremely annoying to do when using motion controls or an on-screen cursor.”


DrinkBox surprised us this week by stealthily putting Severed on Switch. Fortunately, the process of porting the game over was very smooth.

DrinkBox co-founder and Severed producer Graham Smith told 4colorrebellion:

“Bringing the game to the Switch was an extremely smooth process, in fact, it was one of the easiest releases we’ve ever done as a studio. The only major difference between the Wii U and Switch versions of Severed is that now you can take it with you on the go!”

DrinkBox isn’t talking about future Switch games at this time. Smith did note though, “I can say that now that our game engine is running on the Switch, it should make it easier for us to bring games to the platform in the future.”


A gameplay video has come in for Severed on Switch, which just appeared on the eShop today. Since the title can only be played in Handheld mode, the footage is off-screen. View the gameplay below.

Severed was announced and released for Switch today. If you do plan on picking the game up, keep in mind that you can’t play it while docked. That was to be expected given the nature of Severed, but is worth mentioning.

Severed isn’t the only Switch game that can only be played in Handheld mode. The system has a few other titles that operate similarly, such as Voez.


Having previously released on Wii U and 3DS, Severed is coming to Switch. Guacamelee creator Drinkbox Studios is actually launching the title on the eShop today. Pricing is set at $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.49.

Here’s an overview of Severed:

Severed puts players in the role of Sasha, a one- armed warrior who has embarked on a dangerous quest to find her missing family members. During their adventure, players will hack, slash, and swipe their way through nightmarish monsters and uniquely challenging puzzles.

In Severed, players use swipe-based touch controls to solve puzzles, find secrets and battle a host of disturbing monsters including giant floating skull wizards and beasts made of crows. During the journey, players unlock new abilities, ascend an RPG-style upgrade tree, and uncover the mysteries of the dark fantasy universe Sasha finds herself in.

We’ve posted a new trailer for the Switch version of Severed below.

Source: DrinkBox PR

Europe has had both versions of Severed since launch last month. But in North America, only the Wii U edition was released. This will be changing very soon.

Nintendo’s website is now updated to show that Severed on 3DS is heading to North America October 13. Indeed, that’s just a couple of days away. It should be final, but if anything changes, we’ll let you know.


We’ve already seen what Severed looks like on Wii U, but now we have some (off-screen) footage showing the 3DS version. Check out some gameplay below.

System: Wii U (eShop)
Release date: September 22, 2016
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Publisher DrinkBox Studios

Severed is a really interesting experiment in nabbing some popular mobile game mechanics and fleshing them out into a unique dungeon-crawling RPG with combat that plays out more rhythmically than statistically. Really, Severed takes a bunch of concepts and fuses them together in a very fun way. It’s hard to compare it to any one game in particular, but easy to see the little bits and pieces of inspiration it grabbed from here and there.

As part of the Nindies Summer Jam, Severed has launched on the Wii U eShop. The game takes up 230MB on the console. When Severed comes to 3DS in the near future, it’ll be 1,178 blocks or 147.25MB.


Severed is releasing on the Wii U and 3DS eShops on September 22, and Nintendaan has provided a good 20 minutes of hands-on footage of the Wii U version. Check it out below: