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Special Reserve Games

Special Reserve Games has offered physical copies of several Devolver Digital titles. In fact, the company even announced this week that it will be giving Hotline Miami Collection that same treatment on Switch. However, they won’t be stopping there.

Special Reserve Games recently updated its website, and it now includes a spot for My Friend Pedro. The title released on the eShop earlier this year, but a physical copy is currently unavailable. It looks like that’ll be changing in the future, though we’ll have to wait for further information.


During yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, Hotline Miami Collection was announced and released for Switch. It’s currently available just as an eShop download, but that will be changing in the future.

Special Reserve Games has revealed that it will offer a physical copy of Hotline Miami Collection. The company hasn’t shared further information including any sort of release date, but we’ll keep an eye on things and will report back when we hear more.


Pre-orders have opened for the physical version of Minit. You can reserve it through either Limited Run Games or Special Reserve Games.

Aside from the game, a couple of other goodies are included. These include reversible jacket artwork, a 24-page instruction booklet, and stickers.

Pre-orders for the physical version of The Messenger have gone live. There are currently two options: reserving the game with either Special Reserve Games or Limited Run Games.

Special Reserve Games has The Messenger here. You can also grab it from Limited Run Games here. Both are pretty much similar, but the cover will vary depending on who you go with.

The Messenger

Special Reserve Games has revealed an extended partnership with Devolver Digital that will result in three new physical releases. Downwell, The Messenger, and Minit will all be sold physically. Thus far, the latter two have only been available as digital downloads, with the same having been previously announced for Downwell.

No word yet on when the physical versions are launching, but we’ll keep you updated. They’ll be ready to go sometime in 2019.


Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon released on Switch several months ago. But if you’ve been holding out on a physical version since then, we have some good news to report.

Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll have teamed up with Special Reserve Games on a physical release of Enter the Gungeon on Switch. No word on a release date at this time, but it will be available sometime after the PlayStation 4 version. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.


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