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Square Enix

Square Enix has shared a new update for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the upcoming 3DS remake. You can find information pertaining to the game’s battle modes and more below.

– App will be available so that players can transfer monsters from Terry’s Wonderland 3D
– Wi-Fi shop included
– Shop updates with different items each day similar to Dragon Quest IX
– Game has Wi-Fi battles
– Can send monsters out to fight other players by picking away battles or take on other player’s parties at home
– Away mode: upload your monster party data to a server for other players to download
– Don’t actually control your team in this mode
– Home mode: download other player’s away data and fight three parties like regular battles
– Win and points are added to your Wi-Fi ranking
– Points from away battles are added to your score the next day
– Can change rules like allowing monsters to fight with equipment and other options
– Players can also trade items or fight friends directly through wireless play
– Up to 8 can battle in tournament mode


Square Enix has kicked off a rather large Thanksgiving sale on its online store.

Through December 2, gamers can pick up titles for 50 percent off or more. Kingdom Hearts 3D, Heroes of Ruin, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are among the discounted games.

You can find all items on sale here.

Two Japanese trademarks hint at future localizations for Dragon Quest titles. Don’t let the fact that they’ve been registered in Japan fool you – the names themselves are in English: “Luminaries of the Legendary Line” and “The Seeds of Salvation”.

Neither title actually includes the “Dragon Quest” name. But both use similar alliteration as past games, like Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, and Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Previous overseas launches have also been outed first by trademarks.



Nintendo hasn’t entirely removed Bravely Default’s “Where the Fairy Flies” subtitle for the European release of the game, despite what we had originally expected. The extra tag can be seen at the screen where players load their selected save file. While it appears that “Where the Fairy Flies” only appears on the screen above, we can’t say so with absolutely certainty.



Bravely Default is now simply called… Bravely Default in Europe. Nintendo was originally planning a “Where the Fairy Flies” subtitle, but it has since been dropped.

Review copies starting to make their way around confirm that Bravely Default does not contain a subtitle of any kind in Europe. That should be the case for North America as well.


More details on Dragon Quest X’s expansion have come in. You can find screenshots above, and information below.

– The town of Seredo is located in the continent of Rendashia
– Seredo is hidden away by steep mountains
– When brave adventurers finally discover it, they find the strange oddness that is a town filled with nothing but children
– Multiple elevations in Seredo gives great views
– Players will soon come across a destroyed church
– Its windows broken into and the entire roof and building in ruins
– Unclear how the church got this way
– Talk with children to find out what happened
– Rizerotta: de facto leader of Seredo
– Rizerotta is audacious but determined
– The children of Seredo have deep trust in her
– Muchino is her mysterious familiar who follows her around as she keeps public order in the children’s city
– Muchino is summoned by magic
– Muchino can cook any sweet quickly
– Fuuro is the previous priest’s son
– He’s also a bit of a coward
– Childhood friend of Rizerotta
– Fuuro follows her faithfully, even putting himself in harms way when she thinks she’s being threatened
– He seems to be the only one who questions why the town is the way it is now