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Amazon Japan has posted the boxart for World End Syndrome, which launches for Switch in Japan on April 26. We have it above.


Arc System Works has released the opening movie of World’s End Syndrome for Switch, which will be released in Japan on April 26th. Give it a watch:

World End Syndrome will launch in Japan on April 26, according to the latest issue of Famitsu. Arc System Works will be publishing the title for 6,264 yen.

World End Syndrome has been described as a love adventure game. At the start, the protagonist moves to the sea town Mihate-chou following an unexpected turn of events.

Yuuki Katou, the main visual designer for the BlazBlue series, is in charge character design. Tomio Kanazawa, who has much experience with adventure games, is leading the way on the game’s scenario.

Here’s one of the recent trailers:

Arc System Works and Toybox Games sent out a news blast for World End Syndrome. We have information about the story, exploration system, and characters. Additionally, new screenshots and a teaser have been published. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Arc System Works has released new details and a teaser trailer for their newly announced love adventure game called World End Syndrome. These new details for World End Syndrome where translated by Gematsu and tell us more about the story and the characters.


“…This world—I wish it would end.”

After a certain incident, the protagonist—a boy who conceals a small darkness within him while living out his boring everyday life—ends up leaving the city and relying on an uncle he has never known, moving to the seaside town “Mihate-chou,” which is situated in a cove.

He spends his days with his new friends at “Mihate High School” and has an “unforgettable summer experience,” but what “incident” will occur in this tranquil seaside town? Depending on how you spend your days with the girls, the boy’s “world” will drastically change…


Maimi Kusunose (voiced by Hisako Tojo)

The protagonist’s cousin. Looking at her good qualities, she is cheerful and lively, but looking at her bad side, she is somewhat ill-mannered. After an unexpected turn of events, she and the protagonist live together under one roof. She is a member of the Tennis Club, and seems to be popular not only among the boys, but also among the girls.

Miu Amana (voiced by Shiori Izawa)

A mysterious girl with a shadowy quietness. While she is a bit isolated from those around her, she is the director of club activities known as “Miss Research,” and she can be of firm character. If you go to the cafe where she works part-time, you may even be able to see an unexpected side of her…

Below you can also check out the new screenshots and the teaser trailer that Arc System Works released for World End Syndrome. World End Syndrome will launch in 2018 for the Switch in Japan.


Famitsu has posted the first screenshots and art of World End Syndrome, the new love adventure game from Arc System Works and Toybox Games. View the images below.


Today, Hometown Story has officially landed in North America. The game is available for purchase starting today for $39.99.

Europe will be receiving Hometown Story sometime in Q1 2014, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

You can find new screenshots from Hometown Story above. The release announcement is posted below.

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Hometown Story isn’t just planned for release on 3DS. Natsume and ToyBox are preparing a special version for iOS, too.

At the end of the day, Hometown Story is best represented on 3DS. 3DS users are getting the full experience, unlike on iOS. In the latter version, players can only run a shop.

Creator Yasuhiro Wada explained the differences between the two versions while speaking with Siliconera:

“The iOS version does not have episodes with other villagers, players just run a shop. You get new items, you can save money, you can sell rare items on iOS too. Eventually, you will get new customers, but that’s pretty much all you can do. The core system of running the shop is the same on 3DS, but you will get to interact with the villagers and involved with their story.”


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