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Kotaku has spoke with Nintendo’s Goro Abe about WarioWare. Specifically, the publication asked about Gold Digger, one of the series’ most well-known microgames.

Regarding its creation, Abe shared:

When it was released back in 2003, the first WarioWare title was praised by critics for its innovative manner of transforming a series of minigames into an addictive gauntlet of five-second challenges. The surprise Game Boy Advance hit introduced the world to its unique bite-sized forms of gameplay, a variety of visual styles, a new cast of characters and enka music, but some of its more “innovative” aspects actually originated from earlier Nintendo experiments. It makes sense that a weird game would have a weird history behind it, and in WarioWare’s case it comes from one of the weirdest consoles – the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive.

Mario was always the character who got to sit in the spotlight. Wanna go karting? Sure, but only if it’s called MARIO Kart. Wanna spend a day playing tennis? Of course you can, but it has to be called MARIO Tennis. Hell, even a social gathering has to be called a Mario Party. So after years of watching his childhood best friend get all the attention while he sat there doing nothing, it didn’t take too long before Wario started thinking of ways to get his own time to shine, and what better way is there to be the star of your own video game series than to have once with your name in it!? So let’s spend today reminiscing the history of Wario’s series, and see what made them so special.

An unfortunately truncated Game of the Month for January because the holidays left us a bit lazy and unworkable, but we’re here nonetheless and we’ve got a truly wonderful game for you: WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$!. Released back in 2003 for the GBA, it has spawned plenty of sequels on many different platforms using many different gimmicks, so we’ve tasked our staff writers– Vincent, Kira, Jonathan, Patrick, and Scott– to shed some light on the series as a whole, their thoughts on it, or any other interesting things they might be able to pull out related to the game or its development.

We don’t have a concrete schedule for you, but here’s a short list of some of what you’ll be seeing on the site over the weeks of January:

– Vincent with “A History of WarioWare”
– Scott with “WarioWare’s Characters and the Minigames Behind Them”
– Podcast Gang with “Why is WarioWare so Wonderful?”
– Patrick with “WarioWare’s Heritage on 64DD”

The first article will be going up tonight, with all the rest coming over the course of the month.

Do you like writing and have something interesting you’d like to share about WarioWare? Email us using the “Contact Us” form with your idea and we may select you to have an article published on the website as part of our Game of the Month feature!

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