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Siliconera had the opportunity to send some questions to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice producer Motohide Eshiro and scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki. The two commented on Maya’s return, the change inpenalty system, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, and fan feedback.

These excerpts can be found after the break. Head on over to Siliconera for the full interview.

Windscape trailer

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A new trailer is now online for Windscape, which should eventually make its way to the Wii U eShop. Find the video below.

Capcom has shared another two character profiles for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Today, we’re able to learn a bit more about Trucy Wright and Bonny de Famme.

Head past the break for the full rundown on both characters.

New Rusty Pup details

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Nintendo Life has published an article with new details about Rusty Pup, the new game from former rare developers Chris Seavor and Shawn Pile. We’ve rounded up the notable information below.

– Been in development for 3 years
– Opening levels serve as an introduction to the game’s dark storyline
– These levels also slowly drip feed the various mechanics you’ll need to master in order to overcome later challenges
– Can’t control Rusty directly
– Guide him around using lights
– Rusty is afraid of the dark, and will move towards the nearest source of illumination
– Laying platforms, powering lifts and using various chutes located around the stage come in later
– Get cube-like “brains” that are stored in Rusty’s gut before being banked at various toilets dotted around the game
– It’s only at this point that they enter your inventory
– Need brains to open certain doors
– One later level features a cloning tool which allows you to create more Rustys – expendable dopplegangers which allow you to collect hard-to-reach brains before being sacrificed
– Game is finished when it comes to assets, engine, and core mechanics
– Some of those are still being tweaked
– Dev wants it to be challenging, but doesn’t want to put players off
– Coming to Steam first, with the iPad version possibly coming later
– Dev considered abandoning the Wii U version, but decided to stick with it since Zelda will remain on the platform
– Seavor likes the 3DS version the most since it’s in 3D and very portable, plus you have buttons and the touch-screen
– Unclear when Rusty Pup will be on Wii U, 3DS, or possibly NX
– Versions are seeing staggered releases to cover costs
– Steam version will pay for the next version
– Companion novel planned
– Next game will be less risky: “I can’t reveal the title yet, but I will say that we might be taking advantage of the Conker name; the term ‘spiritual successor’ definitely applies here. We’re not doing a Conker game as such, but we can take advantage of the legacy.”



Alice in Wonderland footage

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Alice in Wonderland is due out on the Wii U eShop later this week. Take a look at some footage from the download below.

Monster Hunter Stories launched in Japan on October 8. One month later, a soundtrack album will be made available.

Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter Stories’ soundtrack on November 9 for 3,000 yen. It’ll feature all songs from the game, including the main theme and Hakumu Village. The soundtrack comprises two CDs and also contains a booklet in color.


Capcom announced last week that the company is making a game that uses Japanese IC Cards. Thanks to Famitsu, we now know that the project is called “Megami Meguri”.

Here’s what’s leaked from the magazine thus far:

– Talking communication game
– Teach words to the apprentice goddess Tsukumo
– Communicate with her as she grows into a full-fledged goddess
– Full voice-overs through voice synthesis
– Compatible with your IC Card
– Tsukumo (voiced by Ayasa Ito): the small artifact spirit of an IC Card. She’s friendly, does things at her own pace, and can sometimes push her luck
– Amaterasu (voiced by Yuka Ozaki): A goddess who trains goddesses, and will accompany players on their journey as Tsukumo’s guide to becoming a full-fledged goddess
– Tsukumo will raise various questions to the player
– When this happens, you can teach her words that she might not know, which she’ll and use in the following conversation
– The variations in your conversations with Tsukumo will increase when new words are learned
– Uses “Megami Speak Engine”
– This was made as a collaboration between Toshiba and Capcom
– The engine uses a synthetic voice that sounds close to a natural voice
– Tsukumo is fully voiced to say any word that the player inputs
– Read a player’s IC card and new conversations can be triggered
– Items can be obtained based on your riding history or shopping information
– Supports ten types of IC Cards: Kitaca, Suica, Pasmo, Toica, Manaca, Icoca, PiTaPa, Sugoca, Nimoca, and Hayakaken
– Over 9,000 real train stations will appear in the game from across Japan
– You’ll be able to fully enjoy their contents even without an IC Card
– Will be at TGS with a demo
– Tarou Minoboshi working on character designs


Koi being ported to Wii U

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Circle Entertainment has started work on a new Wii U port. Koi, an indie Chinese title first released for the PlayStation 4, will eventually make its way to the eShop.

Circle shared on Twitter yesterday:

Koi is an exploration adventure game that tasks players with cleansing waters polluted by mankind by progressing through various levels. You can view a trailer below.


Those attending EGX in the UK next month will have an opportunity to go hands-on with Yooka-Laylee. For the first time, Playtonic’s 3D platformer will be playable.

Playtonic will also be holding a Yooka-Laylee panel at EGX. Fans can stop by on September 25 at 4 PM for the event.


Nintendo has prepared a new Dragon Quest VII video focusing on the game’s tactics. Check out the video below.

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