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Update: (11/17)Stage Clear Studios and Flashbulb Games have confirmed the December 21 release date. The title will include “a new touch-based control scheme that will let the player to directly draw on screen, improving the precision and agility of the gameplay as in any other previous version of the game.”

Original (11/16): Several years ago, Press Play created the platformer Max & the Magic Marker. It also later came to DS as a retail title.

Press Play ended up making a sequel, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, back in late 2013. It started out as an Xbox One exclusive, but has since started to find a home on new platforms. Now we can say that a Switch version is happening.

Capcom published a new interview today on its blog all about Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. After previously landing on DS many years ago, it’s now coming to 3DS this month. Series creator Shu Takumi was brought in to discuss the classic game.

In the interview, Takumi reflected on wanting to use the DS’ features (as well as its new power), how one aspect was inspired by Resident Evil, and coming up with the new characters like Apollo himself. You can read the full discussion below.

MXGP3 Switch launch trailer

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Milestone has gone live with the official launch trailer for MXGP3 on Switch. We have today’s video included below.

Update: Bumped to the top. The same catalog also confirms that ACA NeoGeo World Heroes is coming on November 30, and ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters ’96 is dated for December 28.

Original: Hamster has two more classic games coming to Switch next month. VS. Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon are both lined up for the system.

These two games have their release dates listed in a Japanese software catalog. VS. Super Mario Bros. will be up first on December 22. Then on December 28, we’ll be seeing Double Dragon.

Thanks to James M for the tip.


aPriori Digital readied a new trailer for its Switch / Wii U game Aperion Cyberstorm. Take a look at the latest video below.

VVVVVV Switch launch trailer

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VVVVVV is out on Switch today, courtesy of Nicalis. We have the official launch trailer attached below.

If you’re on the hunt for the new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo, you can order them from Amazon. The retailer is accepting orders for the 3-pack. If interested, you can place an order here.

Update: Bumped to the top. The November 23 release date has been confirmed. Priced at $19.99 / £14.99 / €15.99.

The top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing looks as though it will be releasing Thursday next week according to Nintendo’s official site. So those looking forward to game may be in for a treat earlier than expected.


European retailer GAME published its latest financial report this week. In the document, the retailer shares insight into Switch sales across the UK and Spain.

One big number is 469,000. That’s the amount of units that have been sold in the UK and Spain. According to GamesIndustry, this figure is roughly 49 percent of what the Wii managed to do over the same period, though one thing to note is how Switch debuted in March rather than the holiday season. It’s also 300 percent of what the Wii U sold. Sales have been steady and have only decreased during stock shortages.

The Super NES Classic Edition has been in much better supply compared to its predecessor, the original NES Classic Edition. However, that doesn’t mean units are readily available. Many consumers are still having trouble finding the hardware in stores.

Thankfully, as we know, Nintendo is handling the situation with the SNES Classic Edition fairly well. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told The Washington Post that the company is working to have a regular supply for the rest of the year. This also applies to Switch as well.

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