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Hyrule Warriors – first screenshots of the new playable characters, DLC details

Posted 4 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Koei Tecmo has released first screenshots of the newly revealed playable characters for Hyrule Warriors. As previously mentioned, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro will be added (plus the option to turn off cut-scenes in the menu). They’ll be going live for free in conjunction with a 1.3.0 update on September 30.

Update: The following DLC has been confirmed for Europe/UK as well;

As far as DLC goes, we have the following information:

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest pack

– Out on October 16
– 1,200 yen
– 1 new scenario
– 1 new weapon
– New Adventure Map
– 2 costumes

Twilight Princess pack

– Out in November
– 1,200 yen
– 1 new character
– 1 new weapon
– New Adventure Map
– 2 new costumes

Majora’s Mask pack

– Out in January
– 1,200 yen
– Two characters
– New adventure map
– 3 costumes

Ganon pack

– Out in February
– 500 yen
– 2 new game modes

Koei Tecmo is offering a special promotion for Hyrule Warriors players. The four packs can be pre-ordered for only 3,000 yen. Dark Link will be available as soon as the content is reserved.



Cia, Volga, Wizzro to be added as playable characters in Hyrule Warriors

Posted 5 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: New DLC has been revealed as well. Koei Tecmo will release Dark Link, plus four new packs: the Master Quest pack, Majora’s Mask pack, Twilight Princess pack, and Ganon pack.


Koei Tecmo announced three new playable characters for Hyrule Warriors during a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show today. Cia, Volga, Wizzro – three enemies in the game – will be available sometime in the future as roster additions.

At this very moment, Koei Tecmo is demoing Cia. We’ll have the footage on the site shortly (though it will be low-quality unfortunately).

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