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Emio The Smiling Man Famicom Detective Club

Nintendo just announced Emio – The Smiling Man: Famicom Detective Club, which is coming to Switch. The game launches on August 29, 2024.

Last week, the company put out a brief video for something called “Emio”. Since then, there’s been plenty of speculation as to what Nintendo was teasing. Emio: The Smiling Man: Famicom Detective Club is now revealed, and it’s the first new Famicom Detective Club story in 35 years.

Here’s the lowdown straight from Nintendo:

Epyx Rogue

Pixel Games just shared the news that it’s putting Epyx Rogue on Switch, and it’s arriving imminently. The title is due out tomorrow, July 18,

Epyx Rogue brings back the classic game made by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman in 1980. Imagine Software now made an updated version with display filters, achievements, leaderboards, and more.

Cho Aniki Collection

Today, Edia announced that it is working on Cho Aniki Collection for Switch. The company did not provide information about launch timing.

Cho Aniki Collection will feature Cho Aniki and Ai Cho Aniki. Both were originally released on PC Engine. These titles never left Japan, so it’s unclear if there are any localization plans.

Edia will soon be starting a crowdfunding campaign on Makuake here. The official website can also be accessed here.

Just Crow Things release date

Unbound Creations today shared a release date for Rain on Your Parade. The game, which has you playing as a mischievous crow, is due out on August 15, 2024.

Just Crow Things was announced closed to a year ago as the next game from the developer behind Rain on Your Parade. 2024 was the initial launch plan, and the studio managed to reach that target.

PPA Pickleball Tour 2025

FarSight Studios, the developer behind Pinball Arcade, today announced PPA Pickleball Tour 2025 for Switch. The game will be available on July 26, 2024.

PPA Pickleball Tour 2025 is based on the actual sport. You can play as some of the world’s best players or create an original character, partake in Career Mode, and more.

Further details are included in the following overview:

Nintendo is gearing up for the latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3, which will be held next month.

For the latest theme, players are asked which food from Bread, Rice, and Pasta that they’d be able to eat every day.


Arcade Archives Football Champ

Hamster will release Football Champ as the latest Arcade Archives game on Switch, the company announced today. A worldwide release is planned for July 18, 2024.

A sports game released by Taito in 1990, the game can also be played against other players as well as against the CPU. In it, players choose one of eight different countries and compete against the other seven. Rough play is allowed, as long as you don’t get caught.

Wolf Fang Skull Fang Saturn Tribute Boosted

June 26: Wolf Fang / Skull Fang Saturn Tribute Boosted is in development for Switch, City Connection revealed today. It’ll be launching on October 31, 2024 in Japan.

Data East titles Wolf Fang: Kuuga 2001 (Rohga: Armor Force) and Skull Fang: Kuuga Gaiden will be included in the package. Both support rewind and save / restore point features. Additionally, there’s a new “Boosted” background music arrangement. For Wolf Fang: Kuuga 2001, the game lets players change the mech color, strengthen its armor, and increase gauge recovery speed. Skull Fang: Kuuga Gaiden allows players to turn on infinite continues and change the screen to a vertical display.

Splatoon 3 update 8.1.0

The next big update is coming to Splatoon 3 in the form of version 8.1.0.

With the update, Nintendo says it’s focusing on “multiplayer balance and comfort of gameplay.” The game has received another big round of weapon adjustments plus “changes to prevent unintended signals from being sent in certain situations, changes to alleviate the issue of scattered weapons and gear blocking sight, and changes to stabilize the display when an opponent is at the edge of a height difference.” Also, as expected, there are a bunch of bug fixes.

Here’s the full rundown from Nintendo:

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