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Today, Atlus revealed the Etrian Odyssey V launch edition. Those who pick up the game around the release day will receive an art book, CD, and special outer box.

Here’s the full rundown of what’s inside:

  • 24-Page Art Book – Beautiful character art and concept sketches by the illustrious Yuji Himukai cover the pages of this magnificent art book. The unique explorers that will fill up your party are a wonder to behold.
  • 6-Track Music CD – A grand journey is utterly droll without music, so get into the adventuring mindset with an enchanting soundtrack crafted by long-time series composer Yuzo Koshiro!
  • Outer Box – The Yggdrasil and eager adventurers adorn this colorful out box which protects the precious treasures it holds within.

The latest European episode of The Cat Mario Show has gone live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. You can watch it below

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 98,999
PS4 – 23,841
New 2DS LL – 17,717
New 3DS LL – 13,108
PS4 Pro – 7,037
Vita – 4,545
2DS – 2,300
New3DS – 1,020
Wii U – 176
PS3 – 142
Xbox One – 77

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

New 2DS LL – 43,315
Switch – 31,906
PS4 – 28,569
New 3DS LL – 12,101
PS4 Pro – 7,649
Vita – 4,655
2DS – 1,901
New 3DS – 1,242
Xbox One – 200
Wii U – 146
PS3 – 129

And here are the software charts:

Nintendo’s financial results for the first quarter, which covers April through June 2017, are now in. The latest data covers sales for Switch and 3DS, overall results for the company, and more. We’ve rounded up the relevant information below.

Included in Nintendo’s latest financial results documents is the upcoming release schedule for Switch and 3DS. It offers a look at what’s to come for both platforms from a first and third-party perspective. Find the latest schedule below.

As part of its latest financial results, Nintendo has updated its listings of million sellers across various platforms, including Switch games. Have a look at the latest numbers below.

Japanese 3DS themes (7/26/17)

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A few new 3DS themes are out now in Japan. Here’s the lineup:

Star-Myu – 200 yen
Ageha x Hachiya x Kitahara x Nanjo – 200 yen
Rilakkuma – 200 yen
Pro Yakyuu 2016 – 150 yen


GameStop has revealed a special pre-order bonus for Metroid: Samus Returns. If you reserve the game, you’ll be entitled to a free keychain.

The offer applies to both versions of Samus Returns – the standard release and Legacy Edition. It also works both online and in-store.

You can pre-order Metroid: Samus Returns at GameStop here.

With Dragon Quest XI’s release just on the horizon, Japanese magazines are publishing big features about the game this week. That includes Dengeki PlayStation, who has an interview with series creator Yuji Horii, producer Yosuke Saito, and director Takeshi Uchikawa.

All three developers shared a ton about Dragon Quest XI. They talked about creating the 3DS version, teased surprises, talked about homages, and confirmed no plans for DLC. Find everything rounded up below, courtesy of Siliconera.

Dragon Quest XI doesn’t feature any sort of voice acting. In the latest issue of Famitsu, the RPG’s developers explain why, as translated by Siliconera.

Square Enix gave much thought to the possibility of including voice acting in Dragon Quest XI. In fact, it was something that the staff had big debates about. Ultimately, the team decided to preserve the style Dragon Quest is known for.

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