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Has Rodea: The Sky Soldier been pushed back to November 10?

rodea Posted 2 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Rodea: The Sky Soldier was originally slated for a September release. However, in June, NIS America said that the game would be shipping in October instead. Now it may have slipped to November.

Last Wednesday, I received an email from Best Buy stating that Rodea: The Sky Soldier’s launch date had been changed to November 10. I didn’t make too much of it at the time, since one retailer isn’t enough to make any sort of conclusion about a delay. But other prominent retailers like Amazon and GameStop have since modified their listings to this date as well.

Obviously we still don’t have a confirmation about what’s happening with Rodea: The Sky Soldier. These could be retailer mistakes, or the game may have been pushed back for a second time. We’ll try and see if we can get a response out of NIS America.

Thanks to zanmadyne for the tip.


Rumor: GameStop taking pre-orders for R.O.B, Duck Hunt, Game & Watch amiibo 3-pack on August 8

rob-duck-hunt-game-watch-amiibo Posted 4 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Game & Watch amiibo could be seeing their first pre-orders as early as next week. Speculation has surfaced about an event GameStop will be hosting on August 8, and an exclusive three pack containing the three figures will supposedly be offered.

Here’s the lowdown:

– Special GameStop amiibo event
– Stores are being allocated extra hours in the early morning
– The 3-pack will be a GameStop exclusive (not the individuals)
– The 3-pack will be a Retro Pack featuring R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch
– Each store will have roughly 30 available for pre-order
– Pre-orders will be the traditional “head in store and put $5 down” style rather than Web In Store
– If a location allows more than their allocated pre-orders, the customer will not receive their pre-order
– As of now, the 3-pack is the only pre-order officially announced internally for the 8/8 event
– As a side effect, GameStop most likely not be receiving individuals of R.O.B., Duck Hunt, or Mr. Game & Watch
– Pro members may be allowed in to stores an hour early

All of this information is unconfirmed for the time being. If we hear anything official, we’ll be sure to bring the news to you.



Rumor: Animal Crossing amiibo cards facing big stock shortage in Japan

animal-crossing-amiibo-cards-jp Posted 1 week ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The Animal Crossing amiibo cards, along with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, are coming to Japan next week. While the cards haven’t been released yet, they’re apparently already facing a “major stock shortage”.

Retailer AmiAmi has been informing customers about the situation in a new email. Because of the shortage, “most orders” will not be fulfilled.

Here’s the complete notice sent out to consumers:



Rumor: Another publisher picks up Devil’s Third for North American release

devils-third-1 Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Word on the street is that Nintendo will not be publishing Devil’s Third in North America, unlike Europe and Japan. However, Siliconera claims that another company has already picked up the game for release in the states.

The site states in a new report, “Siliconera has learned Devil’s Third will be released here by a publisher Siliconera readers are quite familiar with.”

I’d guess that XSEED will be handling Devil’s Third in North America. I could be wrong though!



Rumor: Nintendo not publishing Devil’s Third in North America

devils-third Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo of America has been noticeably quiet regarding the release of Devil’s Third in North America. Whereas it’s already been dated for August in both Europe and Japan, there hasn’t been a peep about its arrival in the states.

Liam Robertson, who has a fantastic track record of digging up information about cancelled projects as well as games that are still in the works, reports in a new video today that Nintendo won’t be publishing Devil’s Third in North America. It’d be up for Valhalla Game Studios to find a new company to handle its distribution in order for a release to happen.


Rumor: Palutena amiibo won’t be retailer-exclusive in the U.S.

palutena-amiibo Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Two more amiibo are due out in North America later this month. Dark Pit is scheduled for July 31, and Palutena is also coming out on the same day.

You may recall that Best Buy recently announced that it will be the only retailer in the United States to sell the Dark Pit amiibo. This has led some to wonder if Palutena will be meeting the same fate. Apparently not, if the latest rumors are to be believed.

Nintendo Inquirer has heard from “a reliable source within the community” that a Nintendo representative confirmed Palutena’s non-exclusivity. This would certainly be encouraging news for amiibo collectors!



Rumor: Nintendo started talking with third-parties about NX at E3, positive reception

nintendo-nx Posted 1 month ago
By (@NE_Brian)

A report coming from Fortune claims that Nintendo “just started talking” about the NX with third-parties at E3 2015. The site goes on to say that the reception “was positive” based on what was heard from insiders.

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

The problem for Nintendo is the NX’s launch is at least a year away—likely more, as the company reportedly just started talking about it with third party partners at this year’s E3. (The reception, say insiders, was positive.)

Even assuming Fortune’s report is accurate, don’t expect to hear about NX anytime soon. Nintendo has said that the system will not be unveiled until next year.