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Believe it or not, LetsPlayVideoGames isn’t finished with its Nintendo rumors for the day. This time around, the site shares some information about an unconfirmed pitch from Koei Tecmo.

The Japanese company, who previously worked on Hyrule Warriors (and Legends), allegedly made a pitch for a Star Fox-themed Warriors title. Melee combat would have been the focus with some space dogfighting segments mixed in. Motion controls would have been absent, “focused on alternating missions between ground combat and a simplified space combat system designed to be simple to control and visually over the top.” It would have been comparable to Hyrule Warriors in many ways.

Nintendo is said to have turned down the pitch “due to questions regarding the future of the brand.” It never left the design stage, and it’s unknown which system it was targeted for.

Despite the Star Fox pitch not progressing, Koei Tecmo remains interested in giving another Nintendo franchise the Warriors treatment. Additionally, Nintendo is apparently open to that as well.


FromSoftware is one of many developers named as a partner for Switch. LetsPlayVideoGames may now give us an idea about what the studio is planning.

One of the site’s sources claims that Dark Souls III is running on Switch “with a level of performance they are happy with.” A small team has been working on the port for several months.

FromSoftware has been taking a wait-and-see approach with potential ports. The company wanted to see how Dark Souls III performed sales-wise before moving forward. However, if FromSoftware pursues ports, Switch (and other consoles) would receive a re-release of all three Dark Souls titles with DLC bundled in.


LetsPlayVideoGames is back with a new report regarding Switch. The site claims to have further information about the Dock, of which there has been some uncertainty.

Apparently, the Dock does in fact increase the performance of the portable device. However, this isn’t due to additional processing power in the Dock.

As LetsPlayVideoGames explains:

“When the system is connected to the dock by USB-C, the system’s components will run at a higher clock speed to facilitate 1080p resolutions on the TV. Both video and power will be transferred over USB-C when docked. Plugging the system into the dock will also activate a small additional fan to help with cooling when run at that higher clock speed. This fan is in the rear of the dock, and there is a gap in the back of the dock to allow the system’s inbuilt fans to vent when docked.”

Several Starbucks employees have come forward with an apparent internal message pertaining to Pokemon GO. It points to something potentially huge happening with the mobile game later this week.

Assuming the message is legitimate – which seems very likely at this point – Pokemon GO is receiving some sort of update on Thursday. It states that Niantic’s title “is about to expand with new Pokemon” – plus a new Starbucks beverage to celebrate.

Ubisoft recently held a party in Paris to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, and today they released a video that shows some impressions from that event. Interestingly, among the props on display were little figurines of Mario, Luigi and Toad as Ubisoft’s Rabbid characters. Given the recent rumors of a Mario & Rabbids crossover RPG , this could be more than just a coincidence. Naturally, it’s not an official conformation that that game is real, but it is certainly going to fuel further speculations. One way or another, we should know for sure at the Switch event in January.


Since 2011, Activision has shipped new Skylanders games on an annual basis. But if a new report from Liam Robertson is spot on, the series may not be receiving a new entry next year – or in the near future for that matter.

Robertson (who accurately leaked information about Skylanders SuperChargers in 2015) claims that development on Skylanders 2017 ended, in large part due to a trend in declining game sales and interest for the franchise. Viewership for the new Skylanders Academy show on Netflix is apparently not up to snuff, nor are merchandise sales. Activision apparently has no new Skylanders game in the works currently. Additionally, primary developer Toys for Bob is waiting to hear from Activision about its future.

Here’s the full report from Robertson:

Rumor has it that Pokemon GO will be receiving a major update next month. Based on analysis of the game’s code done by people associated with web scanner PokeVS, 100 new normal and Legendary Pokemon will be added. That’s in addition to the possibility of player-versus-player battles, raising the Pokemon you catch similar to Tamagotchi pets, and trading.

GamesBeat, who reports on today’s story, says it’s unclear if Pokemon GO’s update will be dropped entirely at once over time. However, PokeVS’ before-and-after comparisons of the code indicated where the updates are expected to be implemented. Niantic told GamesBeat that the “Gen 2” is planned as an update, but didn’t share anything further.

Continue on below for the lineup of 100 Pokemon said to be coming to Pokemon GO.

Switch rumormonger Laura Kate Dale sent along some new speculation about titles coming to Switch on her Twitter account today. Some of the information isn’t as set compared to previous rumors we’ve heard about due to only being single-sourced, but may be worth sharing in any case.

Dale is primarily attempting to paint a picture about what lies ahead for Switch in 2017. The new 3D Mario, Mario Rabbids RPG, Splatoon port, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Just Dance 2017 are among the games planned for launch. The Smash Bros. port, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Maker are said to be launching within the first six months. New additions for the first half year of Switch include Xenoblade Chronicles X, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Silver Case (Grasshopper Manufacture’s visual novel that has been revitalized on new platforms).

The Switch rumors don’t stop coming today, and it’s another major one, this time from Eurogamer. The outlet claims that, according to multiple sources, a mainline Pokemon game is currently being developed by Game Freak for the Switch under the codename “Pokemon Stars”. As the name implies, it is supposedly the “third version” to Pokemon Sun & Moon, like Yellow was to Red & Blue, Platinum was to Diamond & Pearl and so on. The game is “already well in development”, according to Eurogamer, and will launch in 2017. The target release date is apparently late 2017, though it was initially planned as a Summer release. This would be the first ever mainline Pokemon game to be playable on a home console – and the first time that games in a single generation of Pokemon will span multiple consoles.

According to Eurogamer, the Pokemon Sun & Moon initial reveal trailer might have already shown footage of this supposed Switch version – the  model of Pikipek shown there is apparently from Pokemon Stars:


Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has once again come forward with another Switch rumor/leak – and this time, it’s a wild one. According to her sources at both Ubisoft and Nintendo, Ubisoft is developing a Mario & Raving Rabbids crossover turn-based RPG, which will be one of the Switch’s launch titles.

Apparently, the working title is “Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids” and, while Ubisoft is the main developer, Nintendo is overseeing the development to ensure proper use of the Mario IP. As the working title implies, the game will be about an invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom by various Rabbids characters. A new Bowser form based on the design of the Rabbids will apparently be a recurring boss character. The core party will apparently feature various minor characters from the Mario universe, with a particular focus on Yoshi, alongside a playable Rabbid. There will be cameo appearances from some of the more major Mario characters.

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