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A Japanese tweet has been making the rounds over the past few hours about what one person tied to the investor-side of Nintendo relayed from the company. Apparently, Switch is intended to be a home console successor (Wii U). Nintendo’s home and handheld systems are still separate, with a 3DS successor coming at some point in the future.

I can’t personally verify the source, so it’s slightly dubious for now (and hence the rumor part). That being said, Nintendo has sort of talked about how Switch is intended to be the company’s next console. Plans could also change in the future depending on how Switch plans out.

Thanks to Justin A for the tip.

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Nintendo may have formally revealed the Switch yesterday, but there are still a ton of questions surrounding the system. That means there is plenty of room for rumors to surface leading up to launch in March.

Laura Kate Dale, who shared numerous pieces of correct information about Switch prior to yesterday’s video announcement, has been providing new unconfirmed information on Twitter. One source who she’s spoken to at Ubisoft states that the system will have a maximum battery life of three hours. Dale commented on a few other aspects as well.

Former Destructoid UK editor-in-chief (now of Kotaku UK, Polygon) Laura Kate Dale tweeted out some speculation about NX news tomorrow before Nintendo confirmed the platform’s preview trailer. Now she’s come forward with some apparent information about what we can expect.

This is part-rumor and part-spoiler potentially, so we’ve posted the details after the break.

Rumor: NX news coming tomorrow

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Normally this would be something we’d be hesitant to post (or something we’d avoid entirely), but numerous sources are coming forward and claiming that Nintendo will finally be sharing news about the NX tomorrow.

It started with these tweets from Emily Rogers:

Former Destructoid UK editor-in-chief and freelancer also shared the following tweets a short while ago:

Destructoid shared a report earlier this year that a new Beyond Good & Evil game would be heading to NX as an exclusive. Since then, creator Michel Ancel has shared numerous pieces of art, ultimately leading to a confirmation that a new title in the series is in pre-production. LetsPlayVideoGames – and the author of Destructoid’s initial piece – is now sharing additional information about the situation with an article of its own.

Having spoken with a source at Ubisoft, the site reports that the new title “is planned to be more of a standalone reboot than a traditional sequel.” LetsPlayVideoGames goes on to say, “the currently planned direction for the game is that it will partially retell Jade’s origin tale from Beyond Good & Evil, flesh out Peyj’s backstory, then continue to extrapolate on the ending of the original game.” By doing so, new players wouldn’t feel intimidated to give it a shot, and fans would have some closure about the original’s cliffhanger at the end. We would also learn “who Jade is and what drives Pey’j.” The plan would be to give the game a subtitle instead of a number at the end.

As for when we’ll be seeing something of the new Beyond Good & Evil, LetsPlayVideoGames has heard that a CG trailer will be shown at the unveiling of NX. Also, if the site si correct, it will be exclusive to Nintendo’s upcoming platform as Destructoid originally claimed. Ubisoft is also said to be targeting a Summer 2018 launch.


We’ve been wondering when Corpse Party would be releasing in the west ever since the localization announcement in April. XSEED originally targeted a summer launch window in North America, but the season passed by without any news.

The most recent date we heard was October 4 from various retailers. Well, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and GameFly have updated their listings again, and now point to October 25.

The good news? That may be final. For one thing, Corpse Party is now actually listed on the eShop, and carries an October 25 release date. We also heard a couple of weeks ago that the game had appeared on the European eShop with a similar date.

Hopefully XSEED will come forward with an official date soon. Marvelous also has to officially confirm Corpse Party for Europe, as the only “announcement” we have to go by is the eShop listing.

Some rumors are starting to circulate regarding the status of Wii U with European retailers. Supposedly, they’ll be unable to order additional stock after October 1 in most countries. It would suggest that European stores can order Wii U units for the holiday, with a discontinuation taking place after that.

There have also been rumors this week of Nintendo inviting European retailers to an event in Germany. However, it’s unclear if the information about Wii U was shared there.

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Numerous users have reported that Nintendo of France’s website is listing the upcoming amiibo based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for March 4.

In a way, this is part-news, and part-rumor. There’s no question about the validity of the finding, but whether it can actually be trusted remains to be seen. March 4 would be a Saturday, but most Nintendo releases these days tend to take place on Fridays.

Some are also speculating about the possibility of NX and Zelda: Breath of the Wild itself launching on March 4. It might be too soon to believe that, especially when you again consider that March 4 falls on a Saturday. This is an interesting discovery, but one that might not pan out to be anything. Perhaps it’s just a placeholder – only time will tell.


Quite a few NX rumors have emerged over the past few weeks. When Eurogamer published its report, one of the more prominent things we heard is that the system will make use of cartridges. The Wall Street Journal is now making similar claims.

The publication, having spoken with “people familiar with the matter”, says that NX will indeed feature cartridges. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot else there that’s new or interesting. This does back up at least one (still unconfirmed) rumor.


Let’s Play Video Games has followed up with a third report about the NX within the past week.

Based on what the site has heard from one of its sources (“working on an NX title set to launch Holiday 2017, corroborated and lined up with information from sources we have worked with during the past week”), it claims to have information about the layout of the current development kit. A mockup image can be seen above.

As we’ve previously heard, the NX is supposedly a hybrid console with detachable controllers. The split d-pad, A, B, X, Y, and a camera / share button are all there. As for the size, the source writes the following:

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