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Derby Stallion isn’t the most recognizable gaming franchise out there, but it’s been around since the Famicom days. The horse-racing / simulation series also just saw a new entry on 3DS back in 2014. Now it has a chance of reaching another Nintendo platform.

Parity Bit is examining the possibility of bringing Derby Stallion to Switch, according to Toyo Keizai. The company’s Hiroyuki Sonobe, who is also the creator of series, shared the news with the Japanese publication.

For those who haven’t been keeping track of the series, here’s some footage of Derby Stallion Gold on 3DS:



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess wasn’t the game Nintendo always intended it to be. Initially, development on the project began as a sequel to Wind Waker.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma actually “announced” Wind Waker 2 during a talk at GDC 2004. A slide included in his presentation showed that the game was in the works, though we know that plans ultimately changed.

Now we have some insight into the situation thanks to a new interview from The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts. The book is coming west next February, but it’s out in Japan as “Hyrule Graphics”. And a section of the discussion with artist Satoru Takizawa talks about what happened back in the day.


This month, Game Informer published a preview on Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World. It’s only one page, but there are some interesting details included.

Perhaps most noteworthy is that Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World will run at 60 frames per second on New 3DS. If you’re playing on an original 3DS or 2DS, expect it to drop to 30 frames per second.


GameXplain host posted a video containing 15 minutes of footage from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. View the gameplay below.


Best Buy will be holding a great sale on Wii U and 3DS games next Sunday. Almost all titles published by Nintendo will be eligible for a new buy 1, get 1 40% off offer. Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, and Super Mario Maker for 3DS appear to be the only exceptions.

Best Buy’s sale kicks off on December 11. It will last through December 17.



THQ Nordic is developing two projects for Switch. That’s according to the company’s Business & Product Development Director, Reinhard Pollice, who we recently had the chance to interview.

After Nintendo released the announcement video for Switch, an image was published showing that several companies are on board. Of course, THQ Nordic was included. Now we can say that the publisher is planning multiple games for the upcoming platform.

THQ Nordic owns the rights to a stable of franchises. Darksiders, de Blob, Deadly Creatures, Legend of Kay, and Destroy All Humans! are just a few of the IPs in the company’s possession.

Our full interview with Pollice will be added to the site soon.


A new My Nintendo video was recently shared across Europe that reveals some interesting elements about the upcoming integration with Super Mario Run.

Just like Miitomo, players will be able to earn points on the membership service. It’s almost certain that you’ll be completing certain missions in order to earn Super Mario Run Platinum Points (which combine with all Platinum Points you earn).

The video also shows Rally Tickets as an upcoming reward on My Nintendo. Tickets are needed to play Toad Rally in Super Mario Run. Aside from earning them on My Nintendo, you can also earn these in different ways like finishing worlds or through bonus games in your kingdom.

Another Super Mario Run reward is depicted showing Toad. However, its purpose isn’t entirely known just yet. We should be finding out when the game launches on December 15.


F-Zero X debuted on the European Wii U Virtual Console last month, but it did so with several issues. Specifically, players encountered problems with the controls. Because of a “deadzone”, moving your vehicle around wasn’t the easiest task.

Nintendo must have heard about the complaints as an update has now been issued. After applying the patch, players have noted that the controls are improved significantly. It may not stand up completely to the original F-Zero X, but navigating around tracks should feel significantly better.



Earthlock: Festival of Magic is on track to hit Wii U in early 2017. However, that might not be the only Nintendo console the game will be on.

SnowCastle Games has expressed significant interest in a Switch version. After Nintendo Everything reader Mahdi emailed the developer, CEO Bendik Stang said that he and the rest of the team “plan to have Earthlock ready for Switch launch in March 2017” if Nintendo lets them.

Regardless of whether Earthlock is ready for Switch’s release, it sounds like there’s a high chance of it heading to Nintendo’s new console at some point.


In November, PtoPOnline revealed Climax Studios’ cancelled Diddy Kong Racing Adventure pitch. Nintendo saw what the studio created, but it never went further – and the project ended with an early tech demo.

Now PtoPOnline has posted another asset of Diddy Kong Racing Adventure showing Climax’s original video for the game. Have a look below.

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