New findings from Smash Bros. Wii U data-mining, including possibility of cut Rhythm Heaven character

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Fans have data-mined Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in hopes of finding secret goodies. Based on the latest discoveries, it seems like there were some rather interesting plans for the game.

Source Gaming’s data-mining suggests that the new Smash Bros. could have received a Rhythm Heaven character (Chorus Men) as was originally speculated quite some time ago. There may have also been plans for a Dr. Mario stage.

Here’s the full rundown from Source Gaming:

The Share menu (Sharing Mii Fighters, Snapshots and Video) is present in the Wii U version. The text for it is the same (AFAIK). There are no additional fighter characters. However…

C:\SSB4\ui\replace\chr\chr_00 chr_00_Virus_01.nut

C:\SSB4\ui\replace\chr\chr_11 chr_11_Virus_01.nut

C:\SSB4\ui\replace\chr\chr_12 chr_12_Virus_01.nut

Lastly… C:\SSB4\ui\replace\chr\stock_90 stock_90_Virus_01.nut

This strongly suggests that Dr. Mario was going to receive a stage. Perhaps the three different Viruses had a different effect on the players (Chill could freeze, Weird could give the effect of Lip’s Stick and Fever could give players fire breath). There’s no way to tell as the models and stage have been removed.



Mutant Mudds Super Challenge revealed for Wii U and 3DS

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Update: Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham shares the following tidbits:

A new Mutant Mudds game is in development. As revealed on the series’ official Twitter account today, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is coming to both Wii U and 3DS.

First details about Mutant Mudds Super Challenge are included in the latest issue of Nintendo Force. We’ll bring you the information as soon as we have it.



A brief update on the sound effects in Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter update was again written by producer Shingo Kawabata, and not Tetsuya Takahashi. Kawabata touched a bit on the game’s sound effects.

In the messages, it’s mentioned that Xenoblade Chronicles X uses an extensive amount of sound effects. They were produced by Sound Racer and Shojiro Nakaoka. Both parties will also be responsible for the international version of the game.

On another note, Takahashi visited Enterbrain a few hours ago. That likely means Xenoblade Chronicles X will be featured in an upcoming issue of Famitsu.



First Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley DLC out tomorrow

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Natsume has confirmed that the first Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley DLC is due out tomorrow. The pack will contain new outfits as well as additional hairstyles. As a thank you to the fans, the DLC will be free.

More downloadable content is planned for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Further packs will be available “in the coming months.”

Natsume shared the following in its “State of the Farm” report today:

The first Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley downloadable content will be available tomorrow, January 27th. If you didn’t pick up our hints from previous posts, the first DLC pack will contain new outfits and an additional hairstyle. Fans have been asking for additional customization, and we’re pleased to present these new additions for FREE as a gift to our fans! Thank you everyone for supporting The Lost Valley and providing feedback on what you wanted to see more of in the game. Keep watching for our next DLC packs in the coming months.



German magazine will have news about a new LEGO game in its next issue

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N-ZONE, Germany’s last Nintendo-specific magazine, has teased the reveal of a new LEGO game. A preview of the title will be published in N-ZONE’s next issue.

We can’t say for sure what will be announced. Although, maybe it will have something to do with the rumored LEGO Jurassic Park game

We’ll be seeing the next issue of N-ZONE on February 18. However, it’s possible that Warner Bros. will make an announcement before then.