Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live stream recording

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Earlier today, a special Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live stream was held with Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi, Nintendo’s Genki Yokota, and actor John Kaminari. We now have the full recording.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy over two hours of Xenoblade! There’s music performances, tons of footage, and more!


Color Bombs will be RCMADIAX’s last Wii U game

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RCMADIAX announced on Twitter today that Color Bombs will be the developer’s final title for Wii U.

“I’ll still be making games, but will be moving to a one or two game per year cycle to focus more on quality,” RCMADIAX said on Twitter. “Re-branding and trying to get rid of the ‘cheap trash game’ stigma that I have now been pegged with since Spikey Walls. I still plan to support the WiiU eShop with promotions, updates, etc. But sadly I had to stop production on some projects.”

Super Robo Mouse, which was one of the earliest Wii U titles RCMADIAX revealed for the eShop, is no longer planned for the system. The studio pointed to several reasons for this, including the fact that “The game’s later levels have really suffered in terms of performance.” Creator Michael Aschenbrenner explained, “I tried optimizing, but it meant I had to remove things.”

You can find a roundup of RCMADIAX’s tweets below.



Custom firmware can now be used to make any New 3DS region-free

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It was only last week that we mentioned how custom firmware had been created for Japanese New 3DS systems to allow for region-free gaming. That same firmware has been updated, and it’s now possible to use it on any New 3DS device. Systems in North America, Europe, and Australia are eligible.

Note that you’ll need a 3DS with firmware between v8.1.0 and 9.2.0. You’ll also need a copy of Cubic Ninja for your region. You’ll lose to access to online features, including the eShop. If that all sounds alright with you, more information can be found here. I’ll just mention again that the firmware does not enable pirated games!



Super Booty Diver heading to the Wii U eShop this summer

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Xavier Orion Games has announced a retro-inspired project for Wii U titled “Super Booty Diver”. The game will be out on the eShop (and a couple of other platforms) this summer for $4.99.

Super Booty Diver is all about adventuring underwater while monitoring your air levels and acquiring currency known as “booty”. There will be shooting mechanics with limited ammo, 50 levels, and puzzle-like Boss Battles. Off-TV play will be supported, and Super Booty Diver sports a chiptune soundtrack.



Nintendo shares statement on Zelda Wii U delay, will focus on 2015 games at E3

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Zelda Wii U

Yesterday, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma shared news that the series’ new entry on Wii U has been delayed. IGN managed to get a comment out of Nintendo, and while it’s mostly rehash, it’s somewhat interesting.

Here’s the full statement:

As Mr. Aonuma announced, The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U is no longer targeted as a 2015 release. Rather than sticking to a specific schedule, the team wants to make this the most complete and the best game it can possibly be. The new launch timing has not yet been determined. Because we’d like to focus on developing the game, we aren’t planning on showing it at this year’s E3, where we will be highlighting games launching in 2015. We will let you know when we’re ready to share more specifics.

The last part of that statement is pretty noteworthy! Nintendo’s E3 2015 lineup is focusing on titles coming out this year, so we may not see much of what’s in store for 2016.



Monster Tale Ultimate revealed for 3DS

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This month’s issue of Nintendo Force has revealed that Monster Tale is coming to the 3DS as “Monster Tale Ultimate”.

Monster Tale, a well-received 2D platformer for DS with Metroidvania and virtual pet elements, originally launched in 2011. The game had players taking on the role of a young girl named Ellie, who is lost in the Monster World. Ellie has two goals: find her way home, and save the Monster World with some help from her monster companion known as Chomp.