Small Japanese poll asks about favorite game devs, Nintendo leads the way

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Japanese website Freshers recently asked 500 people if they played video games. 138 people answered “yes” and were then asked if they had a preferred game developer. 73 said “yes” to both and were then asked which game developer that was.

Here’s how the results panned out:

#1 Nintendo (41 votes)
#2 Square Enix (31 votes)
#3 Capcom (22 votes)
#4 Sony (20 votes)
#5 Tecmo Koei (14 votes)
#6 Konami (13 votes)
#7 Sega (12 votes)
#8 Level 5 (10 votes)
#9 Atlus (9 votes)
#9 Bandai Namco (9 votes)
#11 EA (5 votes)
#12 Spike Chunsoft (3 votes)
#12 From Software (3 votes)
#12 Nippon Ichi Software (3 votes)
#12 Microsoft (3 votes)
#16 Marvelous AQL (2 votes)
#16 Arc System Works (2 votes)
#18 SNK (1 vote)
#18 Takara Tomy (1 vote)
Other developers(2 votes)

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Mega Man Wii U VC releases for August

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Capcom has confirmed the four different Mega Man games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console next month.

They are as follows:

Mega Man 5 (NES)
Mega Man 6 (NES)
Mega Man X3 (SNES)
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (GBA)

Note that, at this time, we do not know the order in which the games will be released. Capcom wanted to maintain some of the mystery!



XType Plus bug results in North American delay

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XType Plus is suffering from a major bug at present that causes the Wii U to lock up when accessing the game’s online functionality. This is something that was detected following the game’s launch in Europe a few hours ago.

XType Plus was slated for North America today as well, but due to the freezing issues, it has been delayed. We’ll likely need to wait until a fix has been issued before the title lands in the states.



Teslagrad physical release planned; eShop version sent for approval

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As it turns out, Teslagrad will be available as a packaged product and not only as a digital download. Developer Rain Games announced a partnership with SOEDESCO Benelux on Facebook today to distribute its game physically.

There’s good news to share about Teslagrad’s eShop version as well. According to Rain Games, it’s been submitted to Nintendo for approval:



Hyrule Warriors will have online play, a few other bits

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Hyrule Warriors logo

An official Japanese page for Hyrule Warriors shares a bit more about the Wii U game.

First, as many had anticipated, online play is now officially confirmed. The wording on the page suggests that a unique mode is being prepared for those who intend to play over the Internet.

Aside from a brief mention of online support, Nintendo also confirms the automatic posting of your play status to Miiverse and the ability to purchase DLC (this was a given based on the costumes we’ve heard about).

Lastly, Hyrule Warriors supports 1 save file per user. Oh, and the game’s file size weighs in at 7.8GB.



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