Best Buy hosting National StreetPass Weekend starting May 29, get a Splatoon poster

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Best Buy will be hosting a new National StreetPass Weekend in just a few days. On May 29, 3DS owners can stop their local store by to obtain six StreetPass tags from other users across the U.S.

Along with new StreetPass hits, those who purchase Splatoon will be entitled to a double sided poster while supplies last.

The latest National StreetPass Weekend will take place between May 29 and May 31.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night gets official $3 million Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter

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Rumors about the possibility of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night receiving a Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter surfaced last week. Today, that’s finally been confirmed.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be coming to Wii U if Kickstarter funds reach $3 million. Given the rate at which the campaign has received funds thus far, that’s a very doable target.

Armature Studio will be handling the Wii U version, assuming the stretch goal is met. The team previously worked on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, plus the ports of Metal Gear Solid Collection and Injustice: Gods Among Us for PlayStation Vita, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can read up on today’s full Kickstarter update regarding a potential Wii U version below. The campaign is located here.

That’s right: You’ve blown our expectations so far out of the water that we’re ready and able to get started on a Wii U version.

During the campaign all of us who’ve been working to make Bloodstained a reality have been really touched by how many of you thanked IGA and the team for keeping stretch goals and tiers realistic. Kickstarters aren’t just a way to sell merchandise and games, after all: They’re a way to fund the development of the game we all want to play.

With that in mind, a lot of you have asked about ports—not just because you want them, but because you want to make sure that making them won’t affect IGA’s vision for the game. We have good news, and really good news.

The good news is, it won’t: IGA and Inti Creates are going to continue developing the game as before, without compromise.

The really good news is how they’re going to ensure it won’t: At our next stretch goal Armature Studio will join the fray to handle the Wii U version.

If you haven’t heard of Armature yet—and don’t worry, you will soon enough—you’ve definitely heard of the work they’ve done: Armature was formed in Austin, Texas by a team of key developers from the Metroid Prime franchise, and since then they’ve worked with companies like EA, Konami, WB Games, Gearbox, and Sony to produce original games and HD remasters.

But we’ll let them speak for themselves:

“When we were approached with the opportunity to assist with Bloodstained on Wii U, we were ecstatic. This style of game is one we are intimately familiar with from our Metroid Prime days, and it’s exciting to once again put our familiarity with Nintendo hardware to good use. We have extensive remastering experience – our remastering projects include the Metal Gear Solid Collection for PS Vita, Injustice for PS Vita, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for PS4/XB1. We look forward to the challenge of making sure that the Wii U edition of Bloodstained stands proudly with its brethren on Unreal Engine 4.”



Update: Second image – Splatoon x Ika Musume (Squid Girl) collaboration illustration

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Update: Bumped to the top. Here’s a second collaboration image:


The latest issue of Famitsu features a special collaboration illustration. As shown above, a new piece of art was specially drawn as a crossover between Splatoon and Ika Musume, otherwise known as Squid Girl.

Squid Girl has seen serialization as a manga since 2007. It features a girl of the same name, who sets out to take revenge against mankind for polluting the ocean.