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As things stand now, Payday 2 has no voice communication option on Switch. That’s a rather important deal given how integral communicating with other players is to the experience.

For its part, Starbreeze Studios does hope to offer voice chat in the future. A spokesperson told Kotaku:

During a live stream today, SEGA debuted the first English footage from the newly-announced localization of Shining Resonance Refrain. Watch an hour of gameplay below.

Luigi’s Balloon World in Super Mario Odyssey was added this week through a free update. Unfortunately, some players are already exploiting a glitch by clipping through walls to place balloons in impossible-to-reach areas.

The most prevalent kingdom affected is New Donk City. However, other worlds have been impacted as well.

Yesterday, Slime-san received a substantial update on Switch that added the brand new Blackbird’s Kraken campaign and more. You can see some footage in the video below.

Update 2 (2/23): Super Mario Encyclopedia pre-orders are now 40% off on Amazon (thanks Tenakira). It’s also now up on Amazon Canada at 26% off.

Update: Amazon has this up for pre-order here.

Original (2/19): The Super Mario Encyclopedia originally debuted in Japan back in October 2015. Three years later, the book is finally getting an English localization.

Dark Horse is continuing its relationship with Nintendo by handling the Super Mario Encyclopedia for western publishing. It offers a look at almost every Super Mario game created, starting from Super Mario Bros. up through Super Mario 3D World. You can expect descriptions of enemies, level layouts, tricks and glitches, and guides for finding all the collectibles. There are a total of 256 pages. has updated, and is now allowing players to review Switch titles. Individual game pages should eventually show ratings out of five stars, and possibly the specific reviews as well. We’re not sure if every page has the functionality currently, but many do.

Take Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance. Scroll all the way down and you’ll see a section for the user reviews. If you’ve purchased the game under your Nintendo Account and have played at least two hours, you should be able to review it.


The stylized Old Man’s Journey is one of the new games on the Switch eShop this week. Recently, Broken Rules co-founder Clemens Scott shared some lovely concept art on Twitter. We’ve rounded up all of the images below.


Here’s something interesting about Payday 2 for Switch. It seems that development was largely handled by Sumo Digital, as opposed to Overkill Software.

Sumo is specifically listed in the game’s credits:

Sumo Digital released Snake Pass on Switch last year. The team is also behind the Sonic racing titles.


Amazon has started taking pre-orders for two new Switch games. First, the Shining Resonance Refrain Draconic Launch Edition can be reserved here. Pre-order Owlboy here.

Shining Resonance Refrain launches this summer. Owlboy will be available on May 29.

Thanks to axel for the tip.


A new video from GameXplain compares the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Switch versions of Payday 2. We’re able to see how all three stack up in terms of loading, as well as their visuals. View the full comparison below.

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