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HAL Laboratory

The Worldfolio published a rare interview with Masayoshi Tanimura, the chairman and CEO of HAL Laboratory. Tanimura chatted about HAL’s relationship with Nintendo, how the team tries to make Kirby games for all players, and a few other topics.

We’ve picked out the notable excerpts from the interview below. You can read the full thing here.

Nintendo released Goodbye! BoxBoy! in Japan last week. In turn, Famitsu caught up with a few of the game’s developers for a wrap-up interview. Director Yasuhiro Mukae, level designer Yutaka Watanabe, graphic designer Yusuke Ota, and programmer Takaaki Kawahara participated in the discussion.

The initial part of Famitsu’s interview touches on the start of the BoxBoy! series. Originally, the first game came about from a planning document Mukae created as part of a competition within HAL. He ended up as the series director, and determined how the project would be and what content it would have.

More footage has emerged from Goodbye! BoxBoy!, which arrived in Japan last week. You can see what the new Qbby amiibo unlocks below as well as the second Challenge World.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! has a few different Kirby costumes that can be unlocked with amiibo. Take a look at the various outfits below.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! is out now on the Japanese 3DS eShop, and footage is now starting to surface. Start out by watching 25 minutes of gameplay below.

Nintendo opened the full Japanese Goodbye! BoxBoy! website today. New details about the game are shared, and we have news about how amiibo works.

Qbby and the rest of the gang who are riding the Box Ship are saving planets eroded by haze to restore the universe to its original form. With the ship, they head to a planet infested by haze, but Qbby ends up falling down to one planet in particular. The game picks up here.

As far as gameplay goes, first let’s go over the different powers:

Goodbye! BoxBoy! can now be pre-loaded from the 3DS eShop in Japan. Those who intend to do so will need 1,210 blocks of free space (151.25 MB). Also worth noting, a demo for Goodbye! BoxBoy! is out now in Japan.


New Goodbye! BoxBoy! trailer

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Nintendo released a brand new trailer for Goodbye! BoxBoy! today on its Japanese YouTube page. Get a look at it below.

Nintendo updated the official Japanese website for Kirby: Planet Robobot one last time with some never before seen concept artwork of the game. This time, the focus is mostly on the Robobot Armor, including some scrapped designs. Check them out in the gallery below:

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First Goodbye! BoxBoy! details

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Nintendo and HAL Laboratory announced Goodbye! BoxBoy! last week. Now in its latest issue, Famitsu shares first details about the game.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! doesn’t make any radical changes to the series’ core mechanics. Just like the last two games, you’ll need to complete levels by creating boxes.

Qbby will have some new abilities this time around. One of these is the Box Rocket, allowing players to rise above from the ground. HAL Laboratory is also introducing the Box Bomb. Using this lets Qbby destroy objects such as spikes.

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