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Under its new “HAL Egg” brand, HAL Laboratory released its first mobile game Hataraku UFO. It arrived on iOS and Android in Japan last week.

Famitsu spoke with HAL Laboratory about Hataraku UFO and more in its latest issue. The conversation started with the topic of how HAL Egg started, to which brand manager Shigefumi Kawase explained:

Three different BoxBoy! games were created for 3DS. While some thought that the series could end with the third entry, HAL Laboratory hasn’t ruled out a return to the series.

So it’s interesting then that what could be a new tease for the game surfaced today. In a new BoxBoy! video posted on the official Japanese YouTube channel, what’s pictured above was shown at the very end. It might be a sign of things to come.

HAL’s Yasuhiro Mukae was asked about the possibility of BoxBoy! appearing on Switch earlier this year. He noted how multiplayer could work well on the console, but stopped short of actually confirming a new entry for the system. Perhaps a fourth game could be in the works for Switch?

A few months ago, HAL Laboratory announced plans to begin developing games for mobile under its new brand “HAL Egg”. The first title, Hataraku UFO, just released in Japan today.

Hataraku UFO is a crane game, but there’s much more to it than that. There are different objectives to complete like fishing, stacking cheerleaders, and more. You can also used money earned to change how your UFO looks and performs.

View a brief trailer for Hataraku UFO. It’s out now for iOS and Android in Japan for 480 yen.

Nintendo has announced the results of the Kirby Copy Ability Poll. After tabulating all of the votes around the world, the winning ability was none other than Mirror.

Below are the full results by region:

Kirby Battle Royale: launch trailer

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Kirby Battle Royale is out today in Europe. Nintendo has prepared a launch trailer for the occasion – give it a watch:

A new video is up with extensive footage from Kirby Battle Royale. Have a look at 46 minutes of gameplay below.

UK Kirby Battle Royale commercial

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Nintendo UK has gone up with a new commercial for Kirby Battle Royale. Have a look at the advert below.


Kirby Battle Royale demo footage

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3DS owners in Europe can now download a demo for Kirby Battle Royale. See some footage of the trial below.

Kirby Battle Royale demo trailer

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Just like with the new Style Savvy, a demo for Kirby Battle Royale has landed in the European 3DS eShop. View a trailer for it below.

Nintendo of Europe has announced via a press release that a demo for Kirby Battle Royale will be available on the 3DS eShop today. The demo will let you try out three of the game’s ten battle modes. Plus, if you transfer your save file to the full version of the game, you can unlock Meta Knight as a playable character right from the start – normally you would need to complete the game’s story mode to unlock him.

So far this announcement only pertains to Europe – we don’t know yet if the demo will be available on the North American eShop as well today. We will have confirmation in a couple of hours though. Kirby Battle Royale launches on November 3rd in Europe and on January 19th in North America.

Source: Nintendo PR

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