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HAL Laboratory

Alongside new Dream Friends, Kirby Star Allies is getting a new mode this coming week. The update will add Another Dimension Heroes where players take on different puzzles, collect Friend’s Hearts, and battle bosses. View a new trailer for the mode below.


In less than a week, the next big update for Kirby Star Allies will be going live. Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are adding in a new wave of Dream Friends and more.

In a news post this week, level design director Yuki Endo spoke about the upcoming Dream Friends in greater detail. Here’s what he shared:

Nintendo published the latest trailer for Kirby Star Allies today showing off the Three Mage-Sisters as an upcoming Dream Friend. View it below.

Nintendo published another new Kirby Star Allies trailer showing off Susie as one of the latest upcoming Dream Friends. We have it below.

Nintendo released a new Kirby Star Allies trailer for Taranza, who will be added as a new Dream Friend with this month’s update. Watch it below.

Nintendo has readied a new Kirby Star Allies trailer showing off the upcoming addition of Magalor. Have a look at it below.

Shinya Kumazaki, director of Kirby Star Allies, has provided more insight into the game’s creation. In a post sent out to Switch owners, Kumazaki details the process of creating the design for Hyness – one of the major bosses players encounter.

Here’s the full post:

Last night, we found out that Kirby Star Allies is getting a third major update with new Dream Friends and more. Nintendo has now published an English version of the trailer, available below.

A year after its original launch, Kirby Star Allies will be receiving a soundtrack – but only in Japan. Nintendo is preparing a couple of different versions.

Both versions will feature six CDs and 220 tracks, including ones from this month’s update. They’ll also house a roundtable discussion with the sound staff. A launch edition also comes with a three-sided card case and earphones.

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have just revealed a third update coming to Kirby Star Allies.

New Dream Friends include Magolor, Taranza, and Susie. They stem from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Kirby: Planet Robobot respectively.

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