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Nintendo has just put out a notice about another new feature on the way to Fire Emblem Heroes in March. With an update, Inherit Skill will be added. Players will be able to pass down skills between units.

Nintendo wrote on Twitter:


Fire Emblem Heroes added in the Grand Hero Battle earlier today, providing players with a chance to win over Robin as an alley. Take a look at some footage below.

Fire Emblem Heroes latest update brings a new Grand Hero Battle and a Summoning Focus. The Grand Hero Battle is against the female version of Robin. The Tactician has two maps. The Normal version costs 10 Stamina, is a Level 25 challenge, and will reward a two-star Robin if completed. The hard version costs 15 Stamina, is a Level 35 challenge, and will reward a three-star Robin. Both maps require all of your units to survive in order to complete. There are screenshots of the battle below.

There is also a new Summoning Focus, Battling Robin, giving a higher chance of rolling certain five-star Heroes. These are Fir, Tiki (Naga’s Voice version), Hawkeye, and Maria. Both this Focus and the Grand Hero Battle will run until February 27 at 2 AM (EST).

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Arena mode grants bonus points to players for using select heroes, and those characters have now changed. The new bonus heroes are Eirika, Ephraim, Seliph, Julia, Narcian, Odin, and Catria.

A series of Quests are now available for Fire Emblem Heroes, each focused on a different weapon. The Sword Mastery, Lance Mastery, and Axe Mastery Quests task players with using teams comprised of those weapons to complete certain tasks. Doing so will earn Orbs (up to 6), Crystals, Shards, Badges, and Great Badges. The event runs until February 27 at 2:00 AM. The full list of Quests is after the break:

Nintendo had a little bit of a tease to share about Fire Emblem Heroes at Cipher Festival 2017 WEST. Two of the game’s directors stopped by, and teased a new event involving friends.

Currently, details about the event are pretty much non-existent. We only know that it will be going live sometime next month.

Stay tuned for additional details.


Fire Emblem Heroes – 1.5 times XP event live

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Fire Emblem Heroes is granting units 1.5 times the regular amount of experience for a period of time. The event will run until February 23.

When Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia last month, two new amiibo were also revealed. Alm and Celica will both have their own figures. But what functionality do they offer?

According to an Amazon Japan listing, the amiibo unlock a special dungeon. It’s a bit tricky though since the description doesn’t elaborate further. We can’t currently said if the two amiibo unlock the same dungeon or different dungeons. Fire Emblem Echoes is coming to Japan in about two months, so we shouldn’t have to wait terribly long for an official answer.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

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The new Fire Emblem Heroes “Family Bonds” event kicked off a couple of hours ago, bringing in new characters and maps. Get a closer look with the footage below.

Nintendo has released footage of the new Fire Emblem Heroes characters – Eirika, Seliph, Ephraim, and Julia – in a small trailer. You can watch it below:

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