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Inti Creates

Azure Striker Gunvolt is coming out in Japan on August 20. Siliconera reports that the North American launch will take place “in the weeks that follow, if all goes as planned.”

At the moment, Inti Creates is currently working on plans for a potential European release, which may include several languages – unlike the North American version.

Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu has also commented on the decision to have partial voice-acting for Azure Striker Gunvolt in North America. This edition of the game only has voices during the action portions. There will not be any voices during conversations.

Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series was announced at Anime Expo 2014 this month with a teaser but not much else. Speaking with Polygon, Digital Frontier’s Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour shared a little more about what we can expect.

Osei-Kuffour told Polygon:

“That being said, there are parts of the Mighty No.9 universe that simply can’t be explored in the game. For instance, what does Beck do outside of his battles? How does he feel about the pressure on him to be the hero? What mistakes has he made as the hero? With this cartoon, we are trying to add to the Mighty No. 9 universe by filling in the parts gamers can’t see in the game.”

Other bits about the show include:

– Won’t follow the game’s plot completely
– Will adapt it to incorporate elements that make it comfortable for an episodic show
– Some of the main cast’s character traits have been “revisited”
– This will allow for more interesting, varied stories
– The “essence” of each character will be close to that of their game counterpart
– The cartoon gives companions such as Beck’s assistant Call their own time to shine
– The robotic girl, who has “no emotion at all,” will constantly and playfully clash with Beck
– Beck feels human emotions and is very excitable
– The cartoon will further explore their relationship in addition to how the pair get along with two other game characters, Dr. White and Dr. Sanda
– Much of the show will focus on Beck learning to manage his emotions and function as a Mighty Number
– Beck doesn’t want to save the world and his “human heart” makes him an anxious combatant and a clumsy fighter
– Action-packed show that hopes to glean laughs from both children and adults
– It bears Inafune’s stamp of approval as well as a ton of wiggle room for players to get to know the characters on a deeper level


About a day ago, Inti Creates released another batch of screenshots and information for Azure Striker Gunvolt. The latest details, which have since been translated, can be found after the break.

Inti Creates published a new batch of Azure Striker Gunvolt screenshots and art, which you can find in the gallery above. We also have a final Japanese release date: August 20. The game is priced at 1,960 yen.

Inti Creates was originally planning on including English voices in the North American release of Azure Striker Gunvolt. However, this is no longer in the cards.

The official Azure Striker Gunvolt Twitter account confirms:

Separate from the topic of voice acting, Inti Creates said that Azure Striker Gunvolt won’t have DLC.

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Mighty No. 9 videos

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Comcept shared four new videos from Mighty No. 9 today that highlight some of the game’s actions. You’ll find them all gathered below.

Siliconera has translated another round of details about Azure Striker Gunvolt, with the Dart Gun taking the focus this time around. Here’s a roundup of the latest information:

– Gunvolt’s primary weapon is the Lightning Ring
– Aim the ring by using Gunvolt’s Dart Gun to shoot enemies and tag them as targets first
– Flight path and number of enemies you can lock on to changes depending on the kind of cartridges loaded into the Dart Gun
– At least 5 darts in the game

Violet Dragon

– Standard dart
– Automatic fire
– 3 lock-ons

Water Dragon

– Fires in one of five directions
– Ricochets around the screen
– Holding down the fire button changes the firing direction
– 1 lock-on

King Cobra

– Holding down the fire button charges a shot that can pierce through enemies
– Up to 5 lock-ons
– This is one of the attacks that can be powered up using equipment


– Fire 2 darts at the same time
– One goes up and travels along the ceiling, while the other goes down and travels along the floor
– 2 lock-ons


– A small drone hovers behind Gunvolt, firing darts in seven directions
– Up to 8 lock-ons


Mighty No. 9 was one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns having raised nearly $4 million. However, Comcept announced last night that the company is opening a second funding campaign. This will be handled through PayPal.

Funds raised through Kickstarter last year will be used to complete development on the entire game. But with this new crowdfunding opportunity, the team is “looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign”.

The first goal, set at $100,000, will add full English voice acting.

You can find more information in an official FAQ here.


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