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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 recently received some new DLC, and an English trailer from Inti Creates explains and shows the new content in detail. Check it out below.

Inti Creates was hoping to have Blaster Master Zero’s update ready for the game’s western launch tomorrow, but it’ll take just a bit longer. A tweet sent out earlier today notes that the patch, which adds support for the Switch Pro Controller, will be going live on March 16 instead.

Blaster Master Zero won’t just be on Switch. The 3DS is seeing a simultaneous release as well.


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 players in the west won’t have to wait much longer for the game’s DLC. Inti Creates confirmed today that all of the new content is slated for Thursday in both North America and Europe.

Continue on below for all of the information about Azure Striker Gunvolt 2’s DLC. That includes prices for the individual content.

Blaster Master Zero is getting a patch to add Switch Pro Controller support, and it should be out very soon. Inti Creates told one fan on Twitter that the company is doing everything it can to have the update ready for the North American and European release on Thursday.

The tweet reads:

While the release date for Blaster Master Zero’s update isn’t confirmed, we should be finding out when it will be available soon.


Some new footage of the Switch version of Master Blaster Zero is available to watch. You can check the footage out below.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to Switch. In an official news notice sent out to system users via Nintendo of Europe, the game’s logo is featured alongside several other titles.

You can see Bloodstained’s logo in the second to last column below, towards the middle. The graphic is similar to what was sent out a few days ago following the Nindies Showcase, but Bloodstained’s inclusion is new here.

Bloodstained was originally targeted for Wii U. But since the title won’t be arriving until the first half of 2018, the team probably felt that moving it over to Switch would make the most sense.

Blaster Master Zero is coming west next week, but it’s already up on the Japanese eShop for Switch with English text. See the first 22 minutes of footage below.

Thanks to Polygon, we have new footage of Blaster Master Zero specifically from the Switch edition. You can watch 16 minutes of gameplay below.

Blaster Master Zero now has a release date in North America. It’s set to arrive on March 9 in North America on both Switch and 3DS.

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